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What is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeputyDank420, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I found this in my dads stash. What is it? Sorry I couldn't get a good pic, but I was in a hurry. The color is dark brownish. Anyone know what this is? image.jpg
  2. was it in a bag?  cant really tell from the pictures.
  3. Yes it was
  4. was it oily?  soft an pliable?  
    describe it as best as you can.
    could be hash.  could be heroin.  could be opium.  
  5. Here's another pic

    Attached Files:

  6. I don't know if I'd call it oily, but it was kind of shiny, I could break it in half, but I tried pressing on it hard and it was solid. Smells similar to weed but like really strong.
  7. Heres a great quality pic. I had flash on so keep in mind this is darker to the naked eye.
  8. i cant see shit
  9. Sorry, laptop deleted the pic or something

    Attached Files:

  10. Looks like hash to me.
  11. That's kind of what I was thinking, but i've never had hash before. 
  12. And you should keep it that way, unless your Dad offers lol. 

    At least you know he isn't a serious drug user now though :smoke:
  13. Yeah, it's a relief. Thanks man, greatly appreciated!
  14. if thats hasj my shoe is an elephant, a pink one
    it looks like chewing gun rolled in peppers
  15. Might be legal stuff like spice.
  16. Stop going thru your dads stuff, prick.
  17. Nah, my dad doesn't smoke shit like that. 
    I didn't intentionally find his stash. I was looking for something else and came across it. 
  18. Dont be pinchin on your dads bud
  19. Like I said before, I had no intention to find his stash, and I would never steal from him.

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