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What is this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 01Bullitt, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. See the little things that look like crystalline hairs? They're kind of shiny, and almost white. String like. They bend and act like hair, there on a bunch of the buds

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  2. Hm, could be mold. Break the bud open near the stem, and if its webby then its def mold. If not, I've found hair in a lot of my bud, like on the inside. You should be fine as mold is more like clumps of white hair.
  3. Thanks for the response. It's not weblike at all, it's like someone rubbed their short haired dog every couple minutes while trimming or something. Glad to hear it's probably not mold. Maybe just a bunch of dog/cat hair?
  4. You can pull one out and keep it intact holding it. So confused
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    it could be hair. If your supply is from an indoor grow, it is very common to find dog/cat hair in it. Nothing to worry about. I have had some fresh buds, that when broken up I found hair in. Could also be webs (gross), which is common in outdoor grows.

    edit- Could also be hemp fibers.
  6. Nothing to worry about, just looks like animal hair to me. I actually found some in a couple of my buds the other day and it looks just like yours. I smoked it and am still alive in well.
  7. Cool cool, looks like its either little hairs or shredded fibers from the inside of he stem. Thanks again for the responses
  8. It's dry semen

    Lol it looks like animal hair, won't hurt you.

    Like everyone else said, it looks likes hair. My gf has a cat that has white hairs like that and she sheds those continuously.

  10. Welcome :hello:

    Also im with everyone else its prolly just hair.
  11. I've seen stuff like that after my dog was around...
  12. ya dude thats real common with indoor grows no worries i dont i have had a harvest were i havnt seen at lest one of those hairs
  13. Wy has nobody suggested that it's just crystals on the bud? To me it just looks like you got some dank bud and it has crystals on it XD
  14. Update - picked this thingy out, idk if its natural or not. It's like a ring with the spiracles coming off of it. Like a spider with a hollow body. It's fucking small

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