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What is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SmokeSweet, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. i've never actually thought or cared about the type of weed as long as it's good but after being on the forum for a bit i am just curious.. this is what my friend usually has:


    closeup in better lighting

    It's kinda chopped up already, but can anyone tell what kinda weed it is like strain and grade?
  2. Just looks like some low mids
  3. Looks like some regs haha. Time for a new connect
  4. #4 sourjello73, Aug 3, 2012
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    What is it....? Wtf dude, its weed... Looks like shake. Regs. no more than 0.2g or 0.3. A bowlpack. Kind of a pointless thread tbh my man...
  5. i didn't ask how much was there i just took a little bit out of the bag to take a picture. And it's not a pointless thread because if i can tell what grade it is i can avoid getting ripped off..

  6. i'm just curious, if you can tell what grade it is, why are you asking us to tell you have you mids?
  7. I couldn't tell what grade it was so i made this thread to ask
  8. #8 sourjello73, Aug 3, 2012
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    Sorry for misunderstanding or sounding offensive. You should post the entire pickup or photographs of whole buds so we can get a better idea of what it looks like. How does is smoke? How is the high? How much did you get and what was the price tag?

    And again, I'm not trying to be a jerk. I didn't really see a point to your post, you should elaborate on your question more. But now I understand, I'm just trying to help.
    You must be a new smoker if you can't tell how good it is by taking a puff :rolleyes:;)
  9. OP. sourjello gave you some great advice. If you're new to smoking that is what would be called mids. Which of couse is short for middle, as in middle grade marijuana. There are plenty of different terms for the quality of weed but you want to be smoking the highest quality, usually called dank, fire, what have you.

    As far as quality goes, the best way to determine it is by trichome coverage. Most new smokers will call this crystals. Thats what gets you high. New smokers usually think if its purple its good but that has nothing to do with potency
  10. When i look at the first pic it looks like regs but in the second pic it looks like schwag
  11. That's that stick and stones shit right there.

  12. Lol!!! Indeed that is a sad state of affairs, I know that feel bro -____-
  13. Nah it's all good lol i should have elaborated more in the original post. It smokes pretty smooth doesn't make my throat sore or anything. Gives me a good high with no headaches. I paid $20 for 2 grams. And i've been smoking for over a year and this is pretty much the only kind of weed i've been smoking haha

    here is a bud pic from an older stash of similiar stuff

    Ah i see thanks for the info. I've been pretty satisfied with it so far but now i want to try dank..
  14. I had schwag one time.. it was terrible burned my throat and i barely got high. I've been getting a good high with this and it doesn't burn my throat at all or give me headaches..
  15. stop giving him shit it was just a question everybody was new at some point:wave::cool:
  16. As nike once said, just smoke it
  17. Well if you are judging the smoke on harshness and lack of headaches then you probably smoke mostly mids. When people ask "how does it smoke" it usually refers to taste haha :rolleyes:
    I suggest you ask around a bit. Talk to the people you smoke with or the people get your weed from, see if you can find any dank. Depending on your area, most people will understand if you tell them you want dank/fire/piff/bomb instead of mids/regs/beasties/schwag. 2 grams for $20 seems kind of eh for that quality bud. Its not that bad, but I wouldn't pay that.
    You'll know dank when you can smell it on them (your dealer) or smell it through the bag.

    Yeah you really need to find some better weed my friend. :eek: You're missin' out! :smoke:
  18. ^Thanks for the advice next time i talk to him i'll see if he can get any.

  19. dude you can have weed that looks really dank and it will still burn your throat and give you headaces if it wasnt flushed properly just because it doesnt burn your throat doesnt mean its dank ive got some schwag weed that i grew it got a good flush and its super smooth and doesnt give me headaces man your really missing out if thats what you've been smoking the whole time since you started smoking you prob only get some shitty head buzz that feels nice to you since you havent experienced dank

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