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  1. does this look like over fert?

    the last couple plants ive put into flower i have run into this problem.. at first i thought it was from letting them dry out too much, so i increased the waterings to 2 a week if they felt dry enough.. first time it happened was right after adding ferts and all of the plants went crazy turning yellow and stunting growth. i use general organics 1tsp of bloom and 1/2tsp cal/mag. this strain seems to be not liking it the most. i added ferts to it last week and now its showing signs of the same problem as the previous ones. the leaves develop yellow spots eventually turning completely yellow and falling off starting from the bottom. i have watered it twice since feeding and its still progressing up the plant so i just flushed it hoping to see improvement unless its a deficiency?

    the ph is 6.5-7.0, high 70s temperature, and ~35% humidity

    this is not my first grow at all, but first time seeing leaves like this, looks like nutrient burn to me but never had a problem with different strains in the past. maybe this doesnt like any nutrients?
  2. I am having the same issue with bottom leaves yellowing. My issue after investigation was a potassium defficiency. Currently working to resolve it. Good luck.
  3. I'd say add some nitrogen to your feeds. Try this squid stuff from General Organics, it's 2-3-2 npk I believe.

    The yellowing from my knowledge has to deal with nitrogen

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