What is this thing?

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  1. [​IMG]

    found it on google images, and can't for the life of me figure out what this is. Figured if anybody in the world knows, it'd be GC.

    So... what is this thing?
  2. looks like some sort of meth/crack pipe with the attatchments it has... obviously its glass on glass and can probably use weed bowls and what not. and is that an inline diffuser i see on the very bottom? damn why have i never seen one of these? lol
  3. Its a bubbler?
  4. id smoke outa it!
  5. It looks like a fixed stem bub, but idk its weird/somewhat cool looking
  6. Hm...maby the glass thing in the bowl is where a vape hose hooks up? and take it out and add a bowl for a bubbler? iunno
  7. I wouldn't even think it was for herb if it didn't have an inline diffuser on it. . . :confused:
  8. how did u find it?

  9. just by looking for glass pipes under google images. . . if I can find the original site i'll post it
  10. Well, since you find it by searching for "glass pipes," I'd say it's a glass pipe... :D

    Seriously though... looks like the right side is an attachment for a bowl or a slide of some sort? Could be a bubbler? I have seen similar contraptions at a local corner store that sells bongs and such. I seriously doubt its quality. But hey, A pipe is a pipe is a pipe!
  11. Its either a bubbler,a precooler,a meth/crack pipe, or some other bong attachement with random shit on it... actually now that im looking at the pipe more it seems like a pipe for all types of shit
  12. id honestly really like to have one. that looks really sick. i saw some crazy bubs yesterday in berkely CA at my fav head shop. one looked kinda like that but not exactly. it was shaped like a beaker and had a showercap in it but had a wayyyyy better mouthpiece extention for it.
  13. lol glassmansdoll is in the process of producing a beaker bubbler showerhead

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