What is this stuff!!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Corleone420, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Hey yall
    Noticed this green algae looking stuff on top of my soil ..any clue what it is?
    Medium is 60/40 cocoa perlite i hav only been needing to water every couple of dayz at the most.

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  2. Hi its exactly wat ya said love.... green algae.. if not over wating then is yr drainage ok? Is ya heat stable and good vetilation love? Is yr room humid? Xxxx
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  3. Remove wat ya can and put something over ya siol to block light. Are yr roots oj? And are plants defo getting enough oxgen etc ? . I ant ad it before thank goidness but seen it in other mates grows. Heat was an issue though on my mates. Some one on ere more experienced will tell u more than i can love. But i no u must get rid and cover siol so no light on siol as algea does photosynthasis too like yr plant. So get rid of light source to algea and it will not grow etc. Hope this helps love x
  4. Thank you once again for the quick response! I will remove some off the top and try to drain better as well as covering top soil :)
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  5. I'm on my first grow and had the same issue early on. Patches of green algae appeared a few times (4 or 5) and each time I would scoop it out with a spoon and add a bit more soil when I watered it next. It eventually stopped appearing. I read somewhere that it has something to do with gnats, which makes sense because I kill one or two gnats every few days now. From what I understand, the key is to not overwater. I thought I was already being really conservative with my watering, so now I wait until the plant leaves sag a bit from dehydrated before giving it water.
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  6. You'll be fine. Just perlite holding some water. Light caused algae to grow on it. Should be dry soon. If you notice the algae going down further then you should start doing something.

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  7. That algae looking stuff is .... algae lol. It won't harm anything at all, but it does indicate that you may be watering too often

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