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What Is This Stuff? (Pic)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by anna_snow, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Seriously? I know it's made out of marijuana, but what is it? Is it for smoking, cooking, vaping...or???  Thanks!

  2. looks like some really old jizz
  3. Ew what the fuck is that I agree with the jizz guy
  4. Oil?

    -PoPs A mIlLiOn

  5. #5 pops_a_million, Jun 12, 2013
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    But jizz is more likely...

    -PoPs A mIlLiOn
  6. #6 anna_snow, Jun 12, 2013
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    Seriously, if you guy's (or your guy's) jizz is green, someone has some health issues.
    (or if you jizz in baggies and let it sit around til it turns green, that's a mental issue)
  7. The only way weed comes liquid is tincture, but I dunno wtf that shit is
  8. i think what you have is a marijuannabe [get it, cus mari"wanna" becomes mari"wannabe" because that is not like any form i've seen marijuana in lol]
  9. Looks like someone threw a bunch of kief into iso and put it in a bag.
    You didn't mention what it smells like. This is the most important piece of information here.
  10. Looks like someone used old roaches to make green dragon then tried to turn it into oil lol
  11. I know in south east Asia they consume a green edible oil/liquid that is made from cannabis, maybe it's the same thing?
  12. #12 Meursault, Jun 12, 2013
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    Yeah, actually in the other thread you said that it was more goopey but has since turned into this. That sounds like a fat warming up and melting a bit, to me. Maybe it's coconut oil or something? Idk what infused coconut oil would look like, tbh.
    Again, smell would help a lot.  
  13. Looks like kief to me.
  14. Bhang maybe?
    Doubt it though
  15. What did you buy? A ten of some mucus?
  16. If you know it's made of weed, how don't you know what it is. Did you buy it, was it given to you?
  17. Its not kief. Youd see texture not a liquid. My guess is either hash oil or a dealer spat in a bag and sold it to him
  18. I agree with everybody saying its jizz. That ain't anything marijuana related.
  19. I definitely can tell it's nothing marijuana related as it looks like it takes up a teeny tiny corner of the bag. Looks like someone accidentally got the scooby snacks of a hit, chewed on a stem, spit in the bag and sold it to you.

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