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What Is This Stuff? (Pic)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by anna_snow, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Anyone know what this is?  My friends have been passing this around; everyone is afraid to try it, and I don't remember what they called it.  I thought I'd ask you cooks and bakers if this is an edible product; and if so - does it spoil?  LOL. 

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    Looks like some dirty BHO (honey oil), but if you don't know DON'T MESS WITH IT
  3. Well I know it's something made out of marijuana plants; somehow.  It seems like it was pastier when I got it, and now it's runny.  So I guess I'm afraid it's going to give me food poisoning if I threw it in with some cookies or something. 
  4. Wrap it up in toilet roll and stick it up your bum.
  5. looks like spit haha
  6. Sorry; there's already a cob up room....
  7. Yeah it's gross looking. 
  8. A cob? As in a cob-web? Spiders in your ass? Spider-ass-land? OH SHIT... Spidery-shit. Does Spiderman have cob-webs up his ass? Does he shit cob-webs? Or spiders? Shit... Too many questions, too little time.
  9. drink it and videotape it.
    it could be as big as the cinnamon challenge
  10. #10 Jayohe12, Jun 12, 2013
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  11. No like, stuck up people.  Sheesh.
  12. But I don't wanna puke; that's the problem! LOL
  13. It was a joke.

    Sheesh :rolleyes:
    But if you want some advice, don't fucking take it then. You don't know what it is, it's a bit obvious you shouldn't touch it.
  14. Come on, tell me you never did something that someone told you not to and had fun doing it!?
  15. Not when it came to substances that I had no idea what they were :huh:
  16. If it was yellow and wrapped in a piece of foil I would be worried but this is green and came from a dispensary.
  17. Well considering you DIDN'T SAY it was from a dispensary, and you just said it'd been passed through friends, it's obvious I'd think that. If it came from a dispensary then fine, go ahead and use it. Maybe take it back to the same dispensary and ask them about it? I dunno how it works over there in the US.
  18. And you don't know what it is in the baggie either :D
  19. What?... Yeah, that's why I said go back to the dispensary :huh:
  20. what the ufck.. op is my friend and he told me on Aim the other day that he had came into a bag that still had kief because he couldnt find anywhere else to cum when he was fapping....
    i took it as a joke and thought he aws just being retarded and funny like usual.. but now he posted this lol
    sorry dude i wouldnt have posted this had the 2 stories not made perfect sense... ur still my homie tho lol.. u sick fuck  :ey:

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