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what is this stuff dudes?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by vd420, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Currently in process of lst and noticed this on my fan leafs just want to make sure its not like grey mold or bud rot :( or is it crystal little hairs?

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  2. I've notice this happened on my plants too but it always rubbed off what's your set up like might just need to pull them out and clean your area and watch your RH

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  3. i agree about the Humidity ,,,when the pictuire is made bigger it does look like some sort of mold there ,,,mac,,
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  4. I see what you mean do you have pets by chance?

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  5. not much himudity here just using led bulbs with heat sinks spread out and I started using a fan now in the mornings I do have pet but I dont let it in the room. The set up looks clean and spacious. I will show some more pics later one thing I did wrong was keep my plant root bound to long in solo cup so my plant dropped from thrist one morning bottom fan leafs started going yellowish but it picked up nice since transfer then started lst and noticed this.

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  6. Gotcha everything does look alot cleaner then my throw together I transplanted into a clear pot so I can watch the roots for any issues.

    I would say check your nutis vs watering schudle it might be salt forming that will turn to mold can and be corrected with a flush to feeding of clean water might help shake it off

    Next keep that fan running leaves gotta dance all day helps elimante if it's just random animal hair that came off when you walk in and been floating around and I didn't keep this in mind about some kind of filter for the fan if it's blowing towards them even keep the animals out the room the build up from before they was sealed out finds it way to the fan and blows and hairball onto a leaf every now again giving me a heart attack that I have mold or budroit over night

    But keep close eye on it hopefully this helps ik all plants can be different but maybe this will help yours

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  7. lol man that part about hairball in fan made me crack up xD it's funny you mentioned that I actually just washed the fan baldea and covers also vacuumed the room and installed home made door guard out of tape so none of the hair get in the room now. I actually found this link I want to share here if i can www.growweedeasy.com/white-powdery-mildew I found this really dead on info about what is happening and going to treat my plant today using cotton swipes ligh vinger mix to kill any spores.
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  8. Spot on i forgot I had added distilled white vinger in as a ph down during one of the waterings

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  9. Also I found that website too and used it from start till now that and grasscity have been my guides through it all

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  10. yea that www.growweedeasy.com has helped a lot of folks out and of course GC has too ...that fan will help keep the air moving stale .still air is to be avoided ,,nice breeze over the plant/s works wonders ,,,mac,,
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  11. GWE - Very helpful for beginners a strong recommendations for getting started.

    Side note to help this guy out any tips for fan leaves long term I'm in flowering and been reading about fan leaves

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  12. #12 vd420, Apr 22, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2018
    Hey guys plant looking well sprayed it down with 50/50 milk water mix and set it under light with strong fan I hear spray works only in the light. I got vinger too but knowing it can kill weed easy im not yet ready to try using it, if milk water wont work I will. Also I got 2 sativa plants which are immune to it and noticed the mildew prone to fatter shorter indica strains. Will post more pictures soon.

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