What is this strain?

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  1. My 3rd grow have 3 healthy ladies no idea of the strain this is the 1st time with all these pink hairs I'm in 3rd week of flowering, any thoughts?

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  2. The problem is when your light goes off or at night whichever your situation is the temp is dropping too low.. SHOCKING them pink.
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    I have 3 girls in same place that's the only one pink and they are in a closet
  4. The only strain I know of with pink hairs is pink Maui. Idk. I've have plants do that though. I bought a digital thermometer and my low was like 40 degrees added a space heater and it went away. So I'm pretty sure if not temp it's some kind of deficiency. Unless you have a pink strain. Which is few and far between.
  5. Hey thanks for the help I'll check the temp out tonight

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