What is this strain???

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by Michael Varsax, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Can anyone tell me what this strain is? I'm kind of a noob lol I know. :dance2:
  2. image.jpeg Here's a pic of it
  3. Someone got the snicklefritz.

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  4. Hey thanks man! It's really good shit too!
  5. Looks like you got trim. How much did you pay?

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  6. shake...
  7. Never buy in shake/ trim its way easier to lace it with shit not exactly other drugs but Reggie for example. Used to do that shit myself back in hs... Half a 1/8th bush weed half a 1/8 of sum dro, saves u alot and half the time if they buy in shake there not experienced enough to notice. I was a asshole back then ik but weren't we all lol?

    No one will ever be able to tell you what strain based on pics.

    Incoming troll/asshole responses

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    it's impossible to tell a specific strain just from the looks and smell of a bud, but if it smells more earthy or like forest wood, chances are it's an indica, if it's more fruity or has more of a citrus, or diesel smell then it's most likely a sativa, this is just based off of what i've noticed in the past years with buying certain strains, also take note of the actual bud, in your situation since it's grinded (or shake) you can't really tell, but next time you can take note of the visuals, if it's much darker then it can possibly be a indica, sativa being lighter etc, but just remember this is from what I've noticed with buds, you could very well have a bud that has the same aspects of an indica but is actually a sativa. (and vise versa)

    Ask your dealer what strain it is, if he doesn't know, that's probably not a good sign man
  9. You got shake, which is basically the trimmings from the bottom of the bag. No way to tell really, since most shake I've had never smells at all. By the way, I live in FL, and I pay $5/g for shake. If you're paying $10+ and they aren't nugs, take your business elsewhere, they're taking advantage of you.

    and lmao someone hasn't seen Pineapple Express :smoking:

    -- I'm not saying shake is bad, but it's not as good as the nugs are because a lot of dealers will shake the kief off the trimmings..

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