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What Is This Strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by IBpuff, May 19, 2013.

  1. #1 IBpuff, May 19, 2013
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    Hey guys,

    As living in Wisconsin, prices are out of this world and quality of bud isn't always the best.

    Recently, however it's been really good. A few weeks back, an old friend gave me a gram of white widow for 5$ (he was going to jail soon, needed to get rid of it) and I got blazed as fuck with this prude girl from school. I wish I had more of it.

    Then last week, another friend got me a half sack of "headband" for 30$. I was skeptical, bit after looking it up, I tried it. A triple hybrid between OG kush, master kush, and sour diesel. My body was numb and tired, but my mind was out of this world. Im guessing the fact that it was 60% indicated and 40% sativa would explain my feelings. Really good stuff, trying to find some more. However the strain kinda depressed me.

    Finally, to what this thread is about. There is currently quite the dry spell here, and I couldnt find Jack. I called up a buddy that graduated 2 years ago, and he said he could get me a half sack of mids or a half sack of hydroponics. I naturally chose the hydro. Picked it up, was 40$, yeah got stooped but was desperate. Guy never failed immediate anyway. I'm having troubles uploading the photos but I'm gonna try again later.

    This dank looks emerald green, where most the bud here is brownish. It smells like baby orgasns and burnt capacitors. I smoked half a bowl before my post prom last night and I felt very active and jolly like Santa clause, it's definetily a sativa.

    Anyone else here from wisconsin? And when I get the photos up, would there be anyway to identify this bud?

    Cheers View attachment 1211574 IMG_20130520_101826.jpg

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  2. Just been looking around, it could be purple kush. Does that sound right?
  3. No possible way to tell for sure. And unless your friend grew the bud or bought it from a dispensary, you can't be positive of the actual names
  4. Just added some pics, anyone from this Midwest area able to stab at at guess? It doesn't seem like a hood high, until about two hours in, which then just knocks me out. Maybe it is an indicated afterall.
  5. Again there's no possible way to determine what strain you have a unless you grew it, knew somebody who grew it, or got it from a dispensary
  6. yeah like, 0 ways of accurately telling what it is..
    But the only time i've seen that kinda vibrant green was when i had Green Crack, really nice strain.
  7. Anyone from the Midwest here?. Or does anyone know if greencrack is common in the midwest?
  8. Dude NOBODY can tell you the strain.
    Like someobdy esle said unless you bought it from a dispensary or from a trused source there is no way to tell.
  9. Please take the bud out of the bag and then take the pic. It looks swaggy. Lotsa leaf and hardly any trichomes. If you paid $40 for that, then you got ripped royally. Sorry.
  10. This^
    I wouldn't pay more then 20 for that.
  11. looks like frosted oregano
  12. Im confused with your halfsack lingo. Ok so you got a half oz (14 grams) of dro for 40 bucks? A quarter oz of reggie usually goes for 40 in the midwest unless its awful or you have a good hookup. In your picture that looks like a half a gram which is 10 bucks. Say a half g next time because a half sack sounds like a half oz to and your about 13 an a half grams and 150 dollars short of a half.

    As for the strain i can tell you exactly what it is. Through all my travels i have only seen that beautiful bud once and it was in a small tribe native to the amazon rainforest. They called it cockapoopoopeepeeshire gold haze. Be joyful you have stubled upon such a rare legendary strain.
  13. Half sack, where I live, refers to 1.5 grams... prices are as follows for mids, not the hydroponic, which I supposidly got: .5g=10$, gram=20$, half sack (1.5)=30$, 1/8th=60$, 1/4=120$, Half ounce=210-=250, ounce=420-450.
    The reason it looks so small is the fact that I smoked half of that last night.  There might be 3/4 gram left in there.  Like I said, it gives a nice creative high at first, but around 30 min later, it smacks a wall in your face, one of the greatest indica highs I have gotten.
  14. Its skywalker OG
    Is this sold up here?  I've never heard of skywalker being sold north of cincinnati.
  16. Impossible to tell what kind of strain this is. If it's good, savor it. Make it last. 
  17. Blue dream or dick cheese
  18. I identify it as schwag.
  19. Nah man, I've had schwaggs, I've smoked this batch since saturday, it's smooth, and it really wipes me out a hour later.
  20. Platinum Sour Diesel from Colorado, is my guess. Looks like mine, as you said. I just have a better camera :D

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