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What is this strain? So dank!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rediah1, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I picked up a gram of this to spark up with a friend and its so dank I had to just take a picture and try to find out what strain it is! The pictures aren't the best, but the tree looks so dank in person. I've never seen tree so dark green and orange. My friend thinks it might be Orange Kush but i'm not sure. What do you guys think??

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  2. dont look good whatever it is. maybe its just the pic quality. looks brown bruh!
  3. nah they arent brown. Its just covered with so many orange hairs and trichomes. Its so sticky and resiny!
  4. when will people learn.. YOU CAN'T LOOK AT WEED AND DETERMINE THE STRAIN. Unless you bought it from a dispensary. or directly from the grower.. your chances of knowing what that strain actually is nil.

    looks dank though.. so smoke up and call it whatever the fuck you want.. cuz it's gettin you hiiiiigh
  5. That is old, really bad mids.

  6. 666 posts! :eek:
  7. Looks like mids at best.

  8. Lol no its not. I wish I could take a more clear picture. For some reason its crystal clear until I hit the button to take the picture then it comes out a bit blurry. Dont know why I have the settings on macro..hmm anyways. It has a really strong exotic smell and strong skunky smell as well.
  9. Looks like some good headie indica, but it may just be the pic quality. Doesn't look dank enough to be called dank though.
  10. That shit's called Death.

    Like, you hit it and die?!

    No ***** not Death, Deaf! You hit that shit once and you can't hear SHIT.

  11. That is nice bud..but this is as well. Just wait Ill take better pictures and upload it later. You will see its some dank. It may not be as dank as that purple urkle or whatever it is but its pretty dam good.
  12. i just don't see it how that looks good, but like i said previously...if you like it enjoy the smoke :)
  13. lawls at people who think you can tell a strain by looking at it, and at people who think you can judge what kind of high a bud gives by looks. I've been ripped to shreds on schwag and paid 60$ for slices of "headies" that had great looks/smell and shitty highs.
  14. Then enjoy smoking crappy weed?
    I personally would love to get stoned of schwag and save myself some green in the wallet.

  15. I'm not advocating smoking crappy weed. I'm just saying that after 15 years of toking I've had it all, and looks, while valuable, are often a poor indicator of quality. For the record, crappy weed usually sucks.

  16. I'm willing to wager all of my bud on it and say that that is some indica. Indica buds are normally small/compact with a more rounded look to them. Sativa nugs are normally tall and skinny with a more pointed shape at the crown of the bud. Additionally, that nug is covered in amber trichs, which means it's either a properly grown Indica that will assuredly fuck you up, or just some alright bud that someone let grow past its peak potency. Standards of bud quality changes from person to person so there's no way to tell if it really is "headies". I just used that word because it didn't look like any mids for sure and it looked better than beasters but not quite on the dank level.

    Although you can't tell the strain or eyeball the weight; with a little knowledge, you can tell the potency and the species.
  17. thats some reeeeeeeeeal bomb ass skank ass dank ass shit right there

  18. lol his videos are hilarious
  19. Does knockin' other people weed get you higher in the end? Cuz seems to me.. I'd rather smoke what the OP is smokin than listen to some kid brag about how much more amazing his bud is than the next man.. pretty sure i'd get higher too.. cuz you'd blow my buzz nig

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