What is this plant doing

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  1. The plant is going crazy I think I may have topped her to much I stoped at 8 tops but she just wants to fall over and she looks confused please lmk some thing [​IMG]

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  2. Imo your light probably wasnt close enough causing your plant to stretch and get lanky and fall over, ive topped my plants many more times than that without it ever falling over

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  3. Yea it’s defiantly been stretched but some of the leaves are wrinkling

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  4. Are you feeding her nutes?
    Also let the plant be, and don’t play with it for a week or so, so it can recover from the stress from topping.
    I really don’t know why your leaves are wrinkling, maybe your humidity is too low? If your new growth is looking healthy, you have nothing to worry about.
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    fans n silica will help strengthen branches. Do ya have enough light for your grow space? Are the plants stretching toward the light? What’s your watering schedule like? When was the last time you watered? How much did u give? How big is the pot it’s growing in?
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  6. I had a cheap light for a while hanging three feet about all 20 finally got some money and bought the 1200 viper spectras I got two of them an a 600 watt hps about 2 an a half feet above the canopy now ew growth ducking rolllin !!

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