what is this plant doing 5 weeks flower

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  1. what is this plant doing? its stunted, grew it with barley any nutes, used three cfl 23 watt = 100watt, daylight, and three cfl 23 watt/100watt soft/warm, this is the top of the cola, growing weird shit, not sure if it snormal or if i over shot the harvest... plant5weeks.jpg plant5weeks.jpg plant5weeks1.jpg plant5weeks3.jpg plant5weeks5.jpg
  2. Typical of an Indica reaching harvest without enough full light

    a clue is in the red stem indicating that its been or is cold

    the red being stalled xylem/sap

    if you continue to grow her out and you should

    she will Roldelize on you, that could be of use

    on your next crop

    in time for your new light..?

    good luck
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  3. that plant is confused. it's trying to reveg itself...what's the lighting cycle? is it an auto or a photostrain? my guess is its a photo strain and because of irregular lighting or interupted darkness...decided it wanted to veg again....how many hours of light and darkness has that thing been getting?


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  4. it has been getting irregular hours last week, ive been putting it 12/12, but have been keeping it int he dark longer than usual, been a bit busy, what u figure i should do? keep the light schedule constant?, and i do need better bulbs, im using damn cfls for this one.
  5. oh and its a seed from a bag. not sure the strain, its very minty, was purple,and indica.
  6. Digital timer...isn't that a staple for growing? They're cheap too

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  7. then that's the reason for the confusion ..YES do keep the lighting CONSISTENT....USE A timer and you'll have no worries...
    cfl is OK for Veg but in all reality SUCK ass for flowering...just not enough intensity to tighten the buds...spend 100 on a decent led ..
    and 20 on a timer....at least then you'll make it with that one...


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  8. Buy a timer.... That your biggest problem, and better lights when you can.
  9. i cut her down lastnight, looks like a good 5 grams lol,starting over. thanks folks, everything was informative to me.

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