What is this on my weed bottom left corner

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  1. Does anyone know what that white stuff is on my weed I bought it earlier today. You need to zoom in to see it in the bottom left corner of the weed by the stem.

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  2. can't really tell by that pic. Looks like a little chunk of leaf though.
  3. Looks like a leaf to me
  4. If you look at the stem, zoom in at the bottom on the actual stem the white fluffy stuff
  5. Not the leaf, if you look where the stem starts at the bottom of the picture on the left you can see white fluffy stuff on the stem..
  6. You might want to zoom in and turn your brightness up
  7. The res is too low for me to tell what that is zoomed in

    Could be mold, could be a bunch of trichs... No clue
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  8. Looks like mold to me. Could be the flash though.
  9. Thanks for that I have been smoking it and had a really sore chest afterwards. I won't be buying that shit no more
  10. Most definitely mold then. Be safe
  11. Jizz. It's jizz.
  12. Mold

    snip it off and continue

    good luck

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