What is this? Lol

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seedstodreams, May 28, 2019.

  1. Woke up this morning and found another sprout in my 3 gal pot. Definitely didn't plant 2 seeds, all others are accounted for

    Wtf lol


  2. Seems to be grass, not a cannabis seedling.

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  3. Why, it's a weed!
    I'm a gardener; it looks like the kind that likes to spread horizontally,
    so trace the roots back as best you can and yank it all.
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  4. Strange lol
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  5. Ah..... you traced it back;
    good work!
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  6. Not strange at all. It happens
  7. Strange to me lol, first grow and didn't really think of that
  8. Hahahah yeah after all its grass

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  9. Point well taken.
    But, y'know... now that I've come back and looked at that seedling photo, again, I have to wonder if that actually IS 'grass' (whatever that may be). In the last week, I've broadcast an awful lot of 'lawn seed', and none of it looked like the pod in the photo. The seeds that I cast seemed.... long and narrow (even though there are SEVERAL 'grasses' included in the mixes).
    I find that curious...
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  10. I actually found one the other day before my plants sprouted but I took it out. Same pot

    Roots Organic Original on top / Kind Soil on bottom

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