What is this ? Help please. (HI DEF PIX)

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    The top as you can see, is a a little yellow and has brown spots.
    The bottom of the plant seems perfectly fine.
    There was nute burn from excessive nutrients around a week ago , i flushed with clean Phd water and slowly reintroduced nutrients. I'm feeding half strength so far.
    Help please.
    Hydro /LED / GH 3 part Nutes/ No heat problems
    SHe has about 4-5 weeks left until harvest
    Good day all 


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  3. Looks like a calcium deficiency to me mate.....some cal/mag or epsom salts should fix it :)
  4. GH CaliMAGic .....hmm okay
    anybody else think its calcium magnseium deficiency ? i can play that bump game all day

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