What is this grow?

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  1. That's different. sorry don't have ur answer tho.
  2. I've seen similar pics from grows in the Netherlands, not sure what they call it

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    Testers wanted for Mars Hydro COB
  3. It's called a "Vertical bare bulb" garden.

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  4. Does it require special bulb/plants? And how difficult it is?
  5. Fuck this. Check out these videos.

  6. Vertical hydroponics. The most efficient way to fill a space with plants. If you think about a traditional grow room we only use the floor. If you remove the hood the light emits in 360 degrees. There's a lot more space for growing if you use the walls as well. You can fit much more but in the same amount of space with the same light. There's many commercially available grow room kits based on vertical hydroponics.

    Google won't let me go there but howtogrowmarijuana.com has a great article on the practice.


    Several companies make turn key kits. This one is only about $5000
    Big Buddha Box 9' x 9' Vertical Hydroponic Grow Room with Gorilla Grow Tent

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  7. just hydroponics and lighting in the middle . only advantage i think is a space saver .
  8. You can grow 2 times the bud at least with the same light and space but it's much more cost and work. Your choice. If you search vertical scrog you'll find some stuff.

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