what is this called??

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    i recently saw a picture of a person smoking some natural herbs with what appeared to be a soldering iron, but it wasnt a soldering iron, it was something designed to heat the herbs with. what is this item called? I imagine its healthier than inhaling butane.
  2. Sounds like a vaporizer to me.
  3. A heat gun?

  4. it sounds like they are using a big boner haha jk

    i have heard of people heating up there bud with a soldering iron im pretty sure this dude above me is right about it being vaping but idk
  5. I think some people use glass wands or something

    I dunno, it's not my bag, baby
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmuFTF-z32U]YouTube - Sgt. Stedenko[/ame]
  7. nope. it was not a vaporizer of any kind. it was not a glow rod. it literaly looked like a soldering iron but has a heating tip/element that was safe for inhalation and was designed to be used with herb consumption. i stumbled across the picture using stumbleupon for fire rox. there as a decription and everything. i thought i saved the site but have discovered i didnt and now i cant find out a fucking thing about it. kinda irritating.
  8. ooops!!sorry, i just saw your post and it beats mine with a quicker post!! thank you
  9. Hot knifing?



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