What is this bug ?

Discussion in 'General' started by SupaAPE, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. So I see this bug quite often around my apartment. These shots are from the ceiling .
    what is this bug , and does it cause damage to me , my plants , or anything of relevance in my apartment ?
    Hope the pics are clear enough ,
    good day !!


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  2. It has 2 thin front antenna , and thin legs . I could spray em with ant spray but i wont like to know what it is first. it's annoying keep thinking it's going to fall in my hair haha   
  3. it's like the size of one cent length wise
  4. little bastard is hiding
  5. a silverfish

    waiting to dance amongst your bones... carnivals of them...
  6. Thats a tarantula
  7. Maybe its a roach,maybe, I'm not a scientist,I'm not even jewish.
  8. A very much dead one,if i was there

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  9. Yep, its a silverfish. Good call :smoke:

    Theres a pic here at nearly the bottom of this link
  10. They eat cellulose so yes they are dangerous to your plants.
  11. I just think this fits haha

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  12. you're welcome, cuz
  13. I think it's one of these:

  14. fucking hilarious

  15. i feed my daddy long legs dead flies i just smashed with a fly swatter. im a weirdo. :)

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