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What is this brown on my bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hazeydays, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. So I picked up a heady bag of nugs but on a couple of nugs it changes from green and trichomy to brown and sort of dead looking? I was thinking it was left to grow too long and it just started to die from the inside out but I have no idea, it looks natural whatever it is and I don't think its any kind of mold...

    any ideas? think it will affect how it smokes?



  2. ive seen crazier things on bud man, it looks like not bad stuff though. beasters. just smoke it and youll be able to tell us.
  3. it's not beasters, and the actual bud is amazing.
  4. not beasters.

    kind of looks like some kind of burn... maybe they got cooked with some freezer burn along the way? perhaps they were grown outdoors and got some hot spots...

    at any rate, it looks like natural stuff that happens during marijuana growing. i wouldnt worry much.

    after all, you are smoking a flower, right?

  5. yep yep, I just want to know if i'm being ripped off or not ya know? this takes up about 1/4 of my large nug out of the 8th I bought so it's a significant chunk, probably close to a half gram
  6. i would almost say that looked purple...

    smoke it and try it out for yourself man.
  7. It just looks like red hairs that r on the inside of the bud xcept they turned brown. I recently had some bud that looked similar and it was really good. Its most likely natual and probably doesnt really affect the quality of the nug. I would definately smoke it
  8. dude that looks like some good shit.

    Id say the brown spot isnt as potent but it wont do any harm. If you get it again just tell your dealer to check his shit out.
  9. jack herer baby ;)

    yea I guess ill let this one slide on his part but it's annoying to pay 60/8th and get any brown spots in it
  10. damn, 60 bones for 4 grams. never in my life
  11. location man, you're in oregon i'm in MA
  12. Yeah dude travel west of colorado and you'll understand, not everyone has the pleasure of getting dank for 7 bucks a gram.

    As far as that weed goes, its very bizarre, that one nug looks so green and nice. I doubt its bad though. Smoke out an acquaintance with it and see how they react lol.
  13. maybe it wasnt cured very well so it just faded a bit. shouldnt affect you in a bad way though
  14. as long as it's not mold i'm all good with it
  15. It looks like some of the sugar leaves turned brown when it was growing. Most likely a hotspot... I wouldnt worry about it.

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