What is this amazing glass piece from the 60/70s?

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  1. I found one of my parents smoking tools from the 60s or 70s. It looks like a 12 inch long glass steamroller that's about 1 inch in diameter. Two small nub feet to hold it up like most steamrollers. However, instead of a bowl, there is a hole for inserting a joint.

    I had been using this to smoke joints for over 2 years and... it broke! Of course it did, because it's glass. I desperately want to replace it but after a lot of research, I don't think it exists!

    I just ordered some steamrollers that might work if the bowl or bowl hole is the right size. This seems like a mediocre substitute. Then in one of the reviews of a mini glass shotgun, I found this comment!!...

    Old School Carburetor in disguise

    I'm an old dude! 60 yrs old. I remember the paraphernalia industry pre-1980. 2 of my favorite things are still missing. 1) was a shotgun and the other the old fashioned Carburetor. This piece of glass is the closest thing to that carb! The ONLY difference is instead of where the bowl is, the Old School carb had a hole. Actually, the bowl works BET
    TER! It supports the joint.
    So, yes, it's a great 1 hitter! And yes, it IS glass but it is NOT fragile glass. BUT, more important, for those who remember and miss the old school carbs, it is the closest thing to it! I use it for every hit! AND I am so impressed with it, that I came back to order MULTIPLES!! $7.38 (Minus at least 10%) and it's cheaper than they were in 1978!!

    I searched carburetors and "old school carb" till my keyboard broke. There is so much talking about the carb holes in bongs, etc and a lot talking about the car part, that I never found almost nothing of use, except the word "roachinator". I searched for glass roachinators but nothing came up except home made DIY stuff. I highly doubt people in the 60s called it a roachinator, but if you look up that word, thats very much what I'm looking for, except in glass and shaped like a steamroller.

    If you know the whereabouts of a glass steamroller roachinator, please let me know! And if you think it's a waist and I should just smoke the J, you are wrong. It's great for lighting, smoking, passing, holding, ashing, stronger hits, better filtration, etc. As a life long smoker of everything you can imagine, this is my ideal device. (that and these new pens of course!)
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  2. Wish I could help. I'm from the late '60s. All we used were papers, big tobacco pipes, and bongs made of toilet paper cardboard and tinfoil.
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  3. I think I remember those from HS...but...um.....maybe not. Heehee...

    Idea: I would find a local glass artist and see if they can help....if not....have them hook you with someone who can custom-make exactly what you want. If someone made it then, someone can make it now.

    And hey....have them make more than one..LOL Good luck
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  4. I had a bamboo steam roller that the bowl slid out and a doobie for perfectly into the hole that was left over. What was fucking awesome was that you could shotgun the hit by popping your hand off the end and sucking the hit down OR you could pop your thumb off of the carb and slowly empty the chamber. We called that ugly bastard the super cheif. The super cheif lives on....
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  5. Is that really "cheif" or did you misspell chief?
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