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What is there worth dieing for?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by YEM, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. People? Truth? A message? Peace?

    What is there worth dieing for?
  2. life is worth dieing for
  3. I naturally scale things in my mind of how important they are and anything with a higher rating then my life is worth dieing for I suppose.

    Thats a very personal question that everybody may have a different answer to, some lists may be long, others may be very short or even nonexistant.
  4. :love:

    live it up:metal:
  5. I'd definitely die for World peace.
  6. Nothing, nor is there anything worth killing for.
    There's plenty worth living for though.
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    If death is a bad thing, then there would be less worth dying for. If you are not afraid of death and not isolated by feeling possessive of your life, then there is no need to cling to it like it will be around forever. Use it when the opportunity arises. I once read a quote saying, "If you are afraid of death, you are not living right." Not that there is a particular way to live your life that is right, but you can choose to live in such a way that death is just an end result. It's refreshing.

    Food is considered worth killing for in most countries. Our aversion to murder stems from our fear of death, which is ridiculous.
  8. So is oil and revenge, does that make it right?
    You're saying the only reason people don't run around killing everyone is because theyre afraid of dying?

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