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What is the worst you've been jipped when buying?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beentoken, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Stories Below :D
  2. i havent really ever been ripped off to much from buying weed. but once i paid 40 bucks for like 2 grams of shrooms. i didnt care while i was tripping but after i was like :mad:
  3. Thursday...hand $50 to a friend, hands it to a chick, hands it to a dealer. Friend comes back telling me I was ripped the fuck off...and omg I was.
    Fast forward some hours later.. Got money back.

    Friday. Friend goes through someone else. Dealer wouldn't deal inside house at night on a busy street, he couldnt even look at it.
    Shit was nasty as fuck quality sucked balls. More or less like a $20 or $25 worth. But it was enough and got us high..but never again. lol. We'll stick with peeps we fuckin know.
  4. From recent memory, my worst has been a 6.4 for a Qtr Ounce. Paid 110 for it

    Otherwise it's only .1, .2 off if at all thank god
  5. uhhh only thing i can remember is paying 20bucks for an 8th of schwag...and when i say schwag i mean the schwaggiest schwag of schwag. like brown crispy seed filled stick...t.r.b.l
  6. Probably my first time ever picking up.
    Paid $20 for 3 pre- rolled blunts haha, like .5 of mids each.
    Wasn't too bad, was more of a jip because of my own stupidity/ not knowing how it worked haha.
  7. i got some guitar hardware thrown in the middle of a qp once. needless to say i "acquired" the monetary difference from the dick head as soon as i realized what he did
  8. We paid like $20 for 8g of some ditch weed. It was my friends first time trying it and he's a Muslim so it was like Haraam (forbidden) for him so he was freaking out because hes like a strict ass religious kid. It was a terrible experience for him and he didnt do it until like a week ago when we had some fuckin dank shit and now he loves it :)
  9. I was four grams short on a qp but my homeboy hit me back with a quarter of chronic on the next go around so it was chilling. :smoking:
  10. Got sold oregano in 8th grade... Funny days those were
  11. 30 bucks... Was desperately seeking some bud so I agreed to pay 30 bucks for a quarter of some low grade. A Dude I didn't know that good but had smoked with before shows up and says he doesn't have the money but if I pay him he'll get it and come back within 20 min. Never heard from him again. But ended up saving the night and found some from a different guy later that night. Learned My lesson and will never pay unless I see it good first.
  12. 8g for 20 dollars? Even if it sucked that is still good.
  13. I was playing Runescape, when I was in middle school, and I traded my White Party Hat for a few halloween masks and a santa hat. Ugh, worse trade i've ever made. Should have done the math in that one.

  14. Um, well I got ripped off a few times in high school buying 8ths but the worst was probably 6g short on a qp. I was repaid though.

    I've sold weed a little on the side and that's one thing I just can't do. You gotta be a dick to do that shit.
  15. my friend and i bought a dime of straight up leaves in 7th grade we knew it was fake but the guy who sold it to us was like 6 feet tall and there were like 3 other kids his age there so we decided we would rather not get beat the fuck up
  16. the first time i ever smoked i paid 10 bucks for a packed bowl in a 3 inch spoon. didnt smoke again for a few months while under the impression it was 10 dollars to get high
  17. I was on the bus and wanted some bud but didn't know anyone so I asked this kid who looked like a stoner.. He was, long story short over a few weeks lost about $80.00 from the guy. Couldn't do shit about it though, the kids messed up in the head.. Thankfully it turned out my friends family deals so now i get the best in Minneapolis and fat bags. 1.4g's for $20 didn't know she smoked either had been friends for 4 years xD. Ignorance is not bliss.... lovin freshman years..
  18. One time my best friend and I didn't realize we were low so we had to make an emergency call to our dealer. Needless to say, he didn't have any good stuff at the time since he wasn't expecting us so we ended up paying $60 for 3 grams of some super schwag that was one half branch one quarter seeds lol. Got us high and we decided to always be prepared from that moment on hahaha
  19. Paying $45 for a quarter and getting potpourri instead. I was pissed.

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