What is the worst of jobs?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Nov 1, 2003.

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  1. I just heard something on TV about someone whoes job is to listen and study the sounds flies make when porking. And how to turn a fruit fly bisexual. Thats gotta suck..
    So then I got to thinking of all the wierd jobs you know somebody has to do, but never really thought of it. Can anyone think of any other unusual jobs around?
  2. This is by no means the worst of jobs. It\'s more like one of the best, but you asked for something weird that you never really think of. My uncle used to go around to different companys that have stationary clibrated machinery and run a vibration check which consisted of this little device that was placed on the machine and would measure the amount of vibration of the machine. Over time, a machine will vibrate beyond a certain limit and need to be recalibrated for whatever purpose it\'s serving. He would place this device and could tell from the reading if it was time for recalibration. It took all of maybe 30 seconds to do and he would get paid some outrageous amount for each test he performed. What a kick back fuckin\' job!
  3. easy. jiz mopper at a peepshow

  4. ha, what about the clean up crew at a bukkake film set..... blahh nasty.....

    i\'d hate to be the guy who cleaned the tanks at sewage treatment plants.....ewwwwwww...
  5. grocery stores suck ...little to no pay no goofing off to much damn work blah i hate them(stocker for 3 years). not to mention all the times people have been injured(me personally 1 broken hand and one knee messed up so bad i cant feel my big toe anymore). never ever work at one no matter how damn broke you are
  6. anything that payes ,inimum wage....
  7. not having a job:(
  8. A newage Cook i use to work at this place were people came up to a window and asked for Steak and how they wanted it..... It sucked cuz I had to reach over the grill and fuck up my high..... The HEat Fucks my high..... Then i had people bitching But the cool thing was if i didnt have front grill i could daze out in my world and just work in my world... Like preping were all i do is put stuff in little tubs all day and cut up Meats and stuff.....

  9. Hahahaha, oh man that gave me a good laugh. Oh wait, doesn\'t she eat it all?
  10. um... sucky ass job? proctologist!
  11. I work fast food...enough said. But the real point, to do the pictures for menu boards and whatnot, our boss hired a \'food stylist.\' She gets $77 an hour to drive out here and back (she lives 4 hours away) and make our food look nice. The best part...it takes her 16 hours to make 6 food items. That\'s $1848 to make 6 sandwiches.
  12. fluffer for a midget porn donkey show

  13. lets not be pregiduice.....

    somebodys got to get the donkey into it...

  14. ...what about the bathroom attendant here?...http://www.tubgirl.com/

    ...see Pandoras Box Forum...eeughh!!
  15. that is fucking disgusting.......
  16. lol. i\'m not making that mistake again... i know where that link leads! LMAO!

    and i was just gonna say \"the guy who has to clean up after enemas\" (sp?)

    that\'s gotta be kinda gross...

  17. Supposedly, tubgirl is Photoshopped. Goatse is a real guy, though.
  18. How about a barnyard masturbator. Somebody does it in the name of science.

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