What is the worst hit you have received/ given/ seen someone take on the balls?

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  1. A few years back i was buying pot from two guys along with weed, people whom i didn't know and i was with a friend.
    After purchasing one of them asked my friend what he wants, he said he didn't want anything.
    And i still don't know why they did what they did next. One held him by the wrists and the other guy kicked him in the balls and they left.
    My friend that night slept on the couch with a bag of frozen spinach and a towel for the swelling in the balls. Light swelling.
  2. And you just stood there or what?
  3. You checked for swelling my man?
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  4. Played HS baseball and the pitcher hit a friend of mine batting. My friend charged the mound and rather than fight the guy kicked him in the balls like he was going for a field goal. My buddy actually had to have one testicle removed cause it got crushed. I told him later, 'dude, just take the base'... We laugh now but he was in rough shape till the medics got to him.
  5. Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes lol.
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  6. Notice how at this point your friend when given the opportunity did not express a desire not to be kicked in the nuts.
    Well it sounds to me like they might have thought it was funny and I might be inclined to agree.
    The detail of him sleeping on the couch is odd. Does he usually sleep in the bed with you? It's not my place to judge but it kinda makes sense with the swelling info.
  7. I mean, we gave him a little bit of shit but you may be crossing the line IMO, or at least very close.
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    I like to hang ten from time to time.

    To go along with the surfing motif and ball injury theme... there was a guy from my area that snapped his board in half and took one the fractured pieces straight to the crotch. Fucked him up purty good. I think it made local news.
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  9. I used to be into skateboarding, I think it's the sport most likely to injure your balls :lmafoe:
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  10. I've seen skaters land on their nuts on railings when I used to skateboard. You can feel their pain when you see it in person.
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  11. Yes, that plus landing on the board when it lands vertically.
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  12. I wonder how many dudes severed their balls skating?
  13. Too many

    If op wants to really know the answer to his question... I was young but I remember my dad telling me a story (he's a police officer)... A guy was on a jet ski I think.. went real fast, got thrown off, and landed on a small tree stump that was in the water, everything down there was mutilated... I think he lived but.. but probably not a great life..

    Sorry OP, but you asked for it lol.
  14. I get the feeling that the op is an alt account, some type type of troll, or a ai that has become fixated on male genitalia. There were some very bizarre threads posted several days ago that disappeared pretty quickly.
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  15. I think I know what you're talking about, I reported those super quick lol
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  16. Not the balls but, my son was about 5, he walked up and "Hey, pop!" he punched me right on the head of my dick.
    I almost went down for the count!
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  17. We weren't terribly sympathetic to him for charging the mound. :)
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  18. HAHAH damn. not the folks I would buy from again lol.
    How ever my nut smacking was a bit different. Many years back after my brother had gotten back from
    military service, we held a party for him. it was going great, and it was just a few very close friends drinking beer and smoking pot etc.
    We were all tucked into a small room in the back of his newly purchased house in Veneta Oregon. As the party progressed, I looked up to see him coming down the hallway exclaiming that he wanted me to hear a new tape he had made for me while in Germany and had never sent.
    He was about 8 feet away from me and sent the cassette flying end over end to me as I sat in a low sitting easy chair. I watched it sail in slow motion to my out stretched hand. I missed the catch and that damn cassette landed on pointed end directly into the center of my right nut. Even as drunk as i was this unintended impact drove my body to the floor of the room in a mere second where I grunted and groveled in unimaginable pain that rain high into my chest for more than 20 minutes. The pain actually ran on into the next morning. lol
  19. I was pushing my youngest daughter through a clothing store in a shopping basket.
    She was like a year in a half old and swinging her feet .. Yup she dropped me like sack of potatoes right there in the middle of the row.

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