What is the worst dating disaster you've experienced?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by YEM, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Well, let's hear them. I don't have any to share, otherwise I would. :eek:
  2. A guy broke up with me because I wouldn't give him a blow job.

    jerk :rolleyes:
  3. ^^why wouldnt you give him a blowjob?
  4. lol ^^^ one time i threw up on this chick i liked and just turned around, walked away, never spoke again. :metal:

    i should add i was drunk

  5. a girl told me one time she didnt like giving blowjobs. I then told her i like getting blowjobs and somethings you gotta learn to like. so she gave me head everyday for like a month. then i stopped calling her and she got pissed.

    Love em and leave em.

  6. /thread:p
  7. Dating this person trust me. It's not what it looks like.

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  8. Is that a lady boy?

  9. Na just a cross-dresser :p
  10. :hide:
  11. I went on a date with a pretty big douche bag, once.
    He wouldn't eat Taco Bell because he thought he was too fat. He wouldn't stop asking if he looked "aight," and he kept calling me boo.
    Then, he continued to bug me about buying him a red bandana...because he really wanted one but had no money.
  12. DankBarbie, that sounds HORRIBLE.
    I probably would've just left him where he was to wonder if he's too fat.

  13. Bitch smoked all my buds nuff said

    Mind over pleasure
  14. hahahahahahahaah sounds like a sucka

    its usually 'captain save a hoe' when a guy gets a broke bitch but in your case its captain save a bum
  15. told a girl to just leave me alone.. 3 months later i got drunk around her and fucked her again... the cycle has restarted.
  16. Having your family members disappointed in you for something that doesn't even affect them...

    Well, that's typical...:rolleyes:
  17. It was a VERY long time ago.


    I go to this club with my buddies. It's a ... place where all the young people goto to dance, drink, do drugs, and what not.

    We get a table with plenty of seats, order our drinks, and basically set a 'base' where we can do our thing. Drink, dance, hit on girls, and stuff...

    And soon enough, we spot a group of nice chicks out on the dance floor.

    And soon enough, they're at our table. One of them clicked with me instantly, and we are now getting to know each other with our hands.

    And then,

    My girlfriend shows up.

    As soon as I sighted her, I disappeared from the table and crawled out of the club through the back door.
  18. first date with this chick, ok. We somehow got talking about dogs so i pulled out my phnoe to show her a pic of my aus. shepherd and as i was scrollin my ex's big ass DD pop on the screen and she sees it...
  19. This is not my personal dating disaster....

    One day there was a horny girl and horny boy.
    They were on a date and decided to grab dessert at home...

    They were going at it hot and heavy, and he goes down on
    the horny girl....but OH NO the STENCH, the smell!!!
    He gags, tries to go down on the pussy, but was defeated...
    The poor horny boy threw up in, on and around the pussy...
    Grossed out he bailed :bolt:

    and the horny girl was never called back again...
    the end.

  20. Yah haha I thought about it but I was so taken back by everything...especially the whole fat deal. He was more tall, lanky, and awkward if anything. Maybe he used to be fat or something...idk.

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