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    What is the weirdest shit you ever traded for weed?

    About to trade a brand new, retail box i5 I won at a lan for some glorious herb once me and my dealer agree on an amount. May even trade my spare glass top oven since I'm having no luck on craigs list.

    Something just seems friendlier about trading than buying.
  2. Paper i gave my dealer some paper 1 time
  3. I traded my dealer a $25 gift card to McD's for an eighth before.
  4. 100 dollar Walmart gift card for a 1/4 or 5 gallons of gas in random assorted drink bottles/jugs for a j
  5. One christmas I got 3 xbox 360s from 3 different people because they didn't know other people were buying the same thing so I traded 2 of them for an ounce and a half and kept one
  6. 150 dollar eb games gift card for half ounce and a little something else. We tried to give him a bunch of xbox games but he wouldnt go for it
  7. ^ fuck. you beat me to it
  8. An iPod for like an 8th
  9. Trading is essentially giving value to something, just like money. If you don't give value to money, then it's just paper (fire starter) or round metal. I don't know if you live in the US, most people here do, but when our founding fathers moved here in Jamestown we used tobacco as money. Yeah, a plant was money. :smoke:

    Just my friendly input :D
  10. Ive traded one of cymbals from my drum set that i didnt need for 4 grams. Im glad i have a job now though lol
  11. ive traded two ipods that wer both mine for around two cuts of dank ea
  12. i sold these because i never wore them. needless to say they costed 3x the amount of bud i was given..

  13. If I gave my guy anything but money he would tell me to gtfo :bongin: ...I did lol to the McD's gift card though

  14. Everyone loves Good Ole Mickey Ds:)
  15. A broken promise.
  16. I climbed over a fence into a community pool in the winter for a joint honestly don't regret pretty enjoyable but the problem was getting out thought took way longer than getting in
  17. A Wii for a gram of dank and a couple burgers from In'n'Out.

    And a root beer float
  18. Automotive work lol

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