What is the stupidest thing you ever done when you where on drugs

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    When i was younger i think it was freshman year of high school it was my moms birthday and we where going to this really nice restaurant. Before we left i smoked like two bowls of fire, so i went high. Then when i was there i poped a etc. pill, so i was slapn. Then at the restaurant i was the talking really fast and my eyes where all black. I look back to that day and i just think that was the stupidest thing i ever done on etc. and high at my moms birthday

    Whats the stupidest thing you ever done when you where high?:smoke:
  2. Besides stupid shit that got me arrested, the next thing would be getting lost in my own bed, under my own covers. This seemed to last hours (probably a good 10 minutes still)

    Then I finally remembered I could pull the sheets away =D
  3. a couple weeks ago i accidentally urinated on the guy at the urinal next to me. i was blazed out of my mind and turned around to see who he was and i wasn't paying attention, and peed on his leg. i guess i forgot that i was taking a piss. thankfully he did not notice... i hope :smoke:
  4. .... Sorry, but it would get me banned
  5. i did something stupid once..
    iwas on high amounts of DXM
    i smoked crack
    then i smoked a blunt,
    after that i drove home.
    with like 3 other people in the car, on the same shit.

    man, that was the stupidest shit ever

    def not teh stupidest thing ive done,
    but thats just fucked up still.
    i made it home safe tho.
  6. Do more drugs.
  7. Lol, that's fucked, that was the first thing that popped into my head ;)
  8. Me and a bunch of peeps were rollin' while walking through town. Saw the cops and we all shouted " PIGS" at once. The cops jumped out of the car, but we all split before they could grab anyone.
  9. Maced myself... thought it was an inhaler when I was hammereddd

  10. haha!
  11. said "stupidest" and said "where" instead of "were"

    but no driving under the influence of anything is pretty dumb
  12. i dont remember exactly what happened, i blacked out on xanax and woke up fully dressed every electronic in my room turned on and porn on my computer ill never know what happened in that 6 hour gap... except that i watched porn and at least turned on everything in my room
  13. ive woken up after xanax nights
    found clothes like
    in my neighborhood
    just layin in the street, in random places
    and on the side of the road n shit

    xanax fuckin sucks maaan
  14. oh yea xanax will fuck you UP. stay away from that shit, kids.
  15. ive only taken it twice both times i just felt fucked up for about an hour then i wake up not knowing what happened, hence why i stopped taking it i liked it but the feeling i have for a bit is not worth the large memory gap
  16. Drove into my house hammered.

    Picked a fight with an MMA fighter hammered, t'was not a good night for ol' Sunny Jim.
  17. say no to a girl

  18. word man, well at least some similar shit

    i was very fucked up, and was talking to this girl who i'd lusted for for literally two years

    we started kissing eachother, on impulse, but little did i know the prick this girl was seeing was in the next room, so her friend started screaming at us to stop because this dude would cry, then i pulled away and didn't speak to her for the rest of the night because i thought this fucker would kill me, even though he was ginger.

    so all in all i couldve banged her but because i am a retard i didnt.
  19. Worst thing i've done is spanked it in an elementry school playground. luckily it was 9 pm, looking back that would proably have made me a secz offender if i got caught.
  20. Shooting cars with rocks out of a sling shot. Damn that was dumb as hell. We got caught too which was even worse. The kid I was with started crying so much I was confused. We didn't get anything just had to call and say we were sorry.

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