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What is the strongest strain!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ReedyMc, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. to be honest all weed is good as long as it grows well but what weed is actually the strongest i think it could be chronic any ideas
  2. chronic isent a strain dude.

    strongest ide think would be the Bodybuilder strain. na im kidding i dont think there is a strongest strain,every strain has there ups and downs.
  3. strongest being most potent? or u mean like strongest smell like pungancy? thc wise, there are strains out there now reaching high 20s% thc. strongest smell, im not too sure either because there is no way to actually classify by smell cause it depends on the grower really... my suggestion to u dude, go out to a local bookstore and buy the cannabible 1 2 or 3. u will find thc percentages and vivd descriptions on all sorts or connnesuer(sp) grade cannabis...
  4. actually it is
    highest thc content ive heard of is g-13
  5. The best strain I have ever came across, and i've came across nearly 10 different strains, including red willie, cherry bomb, G-13, Nigerian, etc My favorite strain, and prolly will be forever is Burmese. It's soooo strong smelling, like rocket fuel. The high is amazing too.
  6. Last I knew there was a tested white widow plant in the low to mid 30% range. That's the highest I've heard of.
  7. ive heard this rumour as well, although no real evidence.
  8. Ive heard of a Northern Lights strain in the 30's too. Then I've also heard Jack Herer is one of the most potent. This is one of those questions that is impossible to really answer.
  9. Asain Fantasy, is by far the strongest & prob the most flavorful strain, but its almost exstinct, & only 1 person has this strain, & hes hording it, & doing a bad job at growin too. asain fantasy has no platue, the more u smoke the higher u keep getting no matter what.
  10. lol people believe some dumb shit.

    If were strictly talking potency then this question is impossible to answer because so many factors go into a grow that simply genetics cant account for everything. As a whole though, in optimal growing conditions I think most would agree White Widow is going to produce the highest percentage of THC to other plant matter. That does NOT mean that many, many different optimal strains wouldn't compare.
  11. [quote name='Tuk2']lol people believe some dumb shit.
  12. Matanuska-ThunderFuck is the best in my opinion i live in alaska btw.

    this is off drgreenthumbs seedbank
    Potency Key: In a side-by-side smoke
    test of MTF and NY Sour Diesel,
    MTF was clearly the more potent.

  13. hash Plant has the most THC
  14. check out B.C.God Bud from B C Bud depot,
    shit looks like it was rolled in cocaine!!!!
    never saw anything like it.
  15. wow... some people crack me up
  16. One of the strongest MJ plants atm is Arjans Haze #1, i havent tryed it but would <3 too.
  17. white widow, is the highest THC agreed upon by most
  18. hardly rolled in cocaine my nikka:p

  19. jack herer is the strongest ive smoked and ive smoked it quite a few times. g-13 was also very intense. northern lights has got 3rd on my list, then probably this purple i had smoked on 4 20...

    It's weed. Love each nug for the specific little high it gives you. Dank is dank, though fantastic name brand weed gives you an almost mushroom like high. Each one is different still, though. You know?

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