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What is the strongest sativa strain?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by PuffDaddy420, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Like the title states, what is the strongest known sativa strain on planet earth?
    I absolutley love sativas !!!!
  2. I would say pure Durban Poison straight from Africa
  3. I have heard a lot about Jack Herer being one of the best sativas. My local dispensary just got some in so I'm excited to go get some and try it!
  4. Wouldn't it be g-13? Doesn't it have one of the highest THC amount
  5. I've heard people absolutely rave about Jack Herer.
  6. any sativa with good genetics grown well ;)
  7. Jack Herer is pretty nice. It's a total mindfuck and it has it's own special piney taste. It's nice, but if you really want to get fucked up get some OG Kush or AK-47. :hello:
  8. OG kush I'll have to say as well its hard to beat .
  9. My top 3 would be jack herer, g-13, and juicy fruit
  10. Cinderella 99

    Wally Duck's~ Duck's Foot
    a webbed leaf- so cool and unusual

    quack! quack!

  11. There's no such thing. It's about how it's grown.
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    I've heard Strawberry Diesel and Super Lemon Haze have extremely intense highs that are at times too intense to handle, people have panic attacks and what not.
    C-99 is supposed to be some diggity dank dizzle as well.
    Check greenhouse seeds website, they label a lot of strains as "extremely psychoactive" in their sativa categories, I can't remember exactly but I believe Arjan's Haze (#2 maybe?) and some others.

    Edit: Casey Jones (Thai x Trainwreck) x Sour Diesel, will lay. you. the. FUCK. OUT!
    And yes, original cut of OG Kush (sativa) is pretty bomb as well...
  13. matts #1 OG kush
  14. All good answers... But a plant is only as good as it's grower. Don't get me wrong, genetics play a HUGE roll in wht your final product is going to be, but even the best seeds from the best strain, in the hands of an inexperienced grower, can end up as snicklefritz.

  15. I Think The Strongest Sativa Strain is Dr. Grinspoon It Has 25% THC And It's 100% Sativa.
  16. OG kush isn't even sativa, it's an indica isn't it?

  17. I'd say a Haze is probably the strongest, or at least the most unique Sativa high. Herer is known for its pleasant and strong high. Try Mekong Haze if you can find seeds. Be prepared for the 14 week bloom season:)
  18. biggmoneyme is the strongest sativa

  19. First response and no likes or quotes? Damn. First poster hit it.

    Old Durban Poison (even the new) is notorious. I've seen plenty of people hit it and witnessed the sheen of sweat form across their face after a single bong rip.

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