What is the smalest i can keep a few plants inside(height)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The_Baron, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. im psyced my good friend has a place we can grow indoor now, but we have a little problem that we cant figure out due to lack of expierience on indoor cultivation. So, we have this big crawl space and its about 3.5 feet tall with the floros overhead. Is it possible to utalize this space?
  2. yes, but you will have to screen your plants back and start flowering pretty quick into the veg cycle.
  3. trigger flowering at 12 inches tall.... it will stay around 2 feet when finish flowering..
  4. Why would he need to flower at only 2 feet, when he has 3.5 feet of space and is using fluoros? they give out next to nothing heat so couldnt he grow a bit taller?

  5. na.. he will need to trigger flowering at 12 inches(1feet tall)..

    remember 3.5 aint alot of space... the pot will at least take 1 feet(3gallon pot) so if he want good yeild, he will need to trigger at 12inches(1feet) put the screen on the top or do max training on the plant to keep it low as possible from touching the lights...



    plant doulble its size when trigger to flowering, so can end up with 2 feet.. so a screen of max traning can be possible to grow in a 3.5 space......
  6. Yeah. 3.5 feet isnt alot of space at all. This is more like a hopefully benificial trial-run for indoor for me and my friend. I hope the plants stay short during vegetation period!
    Once again, thanks for the answers my friends.

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