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What is the sketchiest situation you've smoked in?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Legalizeitalrdy, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Just name any really sketchy situation you found yourself in

    I for example was with my girl and some friends and we went to this really creepy smelly dudes room. Everything was covered in black and he had gore posters and shit. Not to mention he had a gas mask bong and yelled at everyone to smoke and not to stop until he said so..What a buzz kill :hide:
  2. one time i had family in town (i live with parents). and i had just gotten done from the gym and went home and i took a nice shower and decided that i wanted to go get a frozen pizza from wal mart and smoke before i head in while i drive. well back then i couldnt roll a blunt worth shit

    all i had was a corn cob pipe and i first broke up my weed at the movie theatres by my house then decided it was kind of late as people were walking out so then i went to wal mart bought my shit.

    then went on some backroads home and i stopped in some new neighborhood and i parked by the side of some garage (weird complex). i smoked and couple months later me and my friend were looking for a spot to smoke at (he didnt wanna drive around). and safe to say that spot i was smoking in before belonged to some cop or atleast some cop car was parked there next time i drove by! how weird

  3. What kinds?

  4. Lol this is funny
  5. OP, was this the scary smelly dude with the gore posters?
  6. when i walk down the bike path i don't feel that safe. i see cops go down it every now and then but fortunately not while i'm smoking. a few people have seen me doing it blatantly and haven't said anything. i haven't done it in a long time though, just retarded. bbbbbeeeedroooooom
  7. Headin on some back roads to smoke with some buddies, my friends hittin the bowl and literally 20 feet away from us theres a cop parked on the side of the road and luckily he was on his computer or else we would have been done for.
  8. I've smoked in my car in a parking ramp at my job at a federal building/connected mall with guards walking through the ramp structure.
  9. Either

    At school, going for my lunch blaze with some kids I didn't know and my buddy. We went to the apartment right across the street. FIRST thing the janitor says is you guys better not be smoking. So we go up the elevator to the end of the stairs at the top. One of the kids lights a bowl and 2 seconds later the janitor pops up out of nowhere andd says he's calling the cops. We run the fuck out of the building. Where do these kids decide to go? At the school bus stop right across the street. 20 feet from the door of the building we just ran from. Teachers are walking by us and everything. Retarded.

    The second would be in a back alley when cops rolled up. They all ran except me and this other guy. The cops went after the ones that ran. We walked away.
  10. Parked in the school parking lot 10 minutes before class started..first period was a blast though.
  11. i woulda pushed him down the stairs and, steal his wallet and call the cops. but not before leaving the weed on him. :devious:
  12. At a red light my friend was hittin' the bowl, and he hits it twice, and is laughing for no apparent reason. We ask him whatsup and there was a cop that watched him hit the bowl...
  13. my class and a teacher were walking to the bus stop to go on a field trip and my best friend and i were at the very back of the line hitting a bowl.
    and id get expelled if the skool found out i smoke weed
  14. #14 eatmonksus, Nov 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 10, 2010
    I smoked with a homeless vietnam veteran in an alley a few years back. He started having a flashback once we were done and tried tackling me. He only had one leg, so I was able to dodge, but he dropped my piece when he lunged at me. Sketchy as fuck.
  15. To Me, I Would Have Been Scared As Hell Probably Lol. Some Strange Guy With A Gas Mask And Gore Posters Telling Me Till Smoke Till He Says Stop. That Just Sounds Like A Scary Situation.

    Iv Never Really Had A Super Sketchy Smoke Session Yet. Sketchiest Situation Iv Been In Was Me And My 2 Friends Just Rolled 3 Joints (Our First Time Rollin And We Did A Fine Job:hello:) Were Walking Down To The Metro Park Trails To Get To Giant Eagle And First We See A Cop On The Way There Driving Past, Then As We Are Sitting On A Bench Just Lighting Up We See Another Cop Stop At The Red Light Not 30 Feet Ahead Of Us And We Just Watch The Car Scared Shitless Till It Pulls Away, Then We Run Through The Trails Trying Not To Get Attacked By Bats (Yes There Are Bats In The Trails Lol) We Get To Giant Eagle Buy Nothing Then Leave On The Way Back A Cop Stops Us And Ask Why We Were Put We Should Be At Home We Said We Are On Our Way Home And He Just Stares At Us For A Min And Then Says Head On Home And He Drives Away. That Was Also Some Scary Shit For Me And My Friends Lol
  16. me and my blades used to drive and smoke out in the middle of nowhere and just pull off into random fields. we were smoking one time and a car drives by and we didnt think much about it but we soon finished out bowl and got in the truck to leave. well as we were pulling out of this field the same car that had passed earlier.

    he even stopped and rolled down his windows like he was going to try and talk to us. but we speed out of the driveway and hauled ass back home.

    my two buddies in the back of my truck were probably parnoid ass shit cause dude was like right behind us driving and following us. :eek:

  17. HAHAHA thats fuckin great.
    I used to have this spot that was halfway up this guy's long ass driveway. Me and my buddy were smoking there and my car battery died...We were stuck there for another 45 minutes until our friends came so we smoked a few bowls while we waited and the guy that lives there drives a fucking golf cart by us down his driveway to get his mail!? THEN he drives by again with his little daughter to go feed the horses. Our friends arrived later with 3 CARS all parked in this guys driveway. He drives by one last time before we can jump my car...awkwarddddd
  18. had some sketchy moments visiting a buddy down at school. none of us had ever been to the school or town. we smoked a blunt in the staircase of a parking garage, smoked another blunt in the same staircase again later, and then after a night of partying, my friend and his roomie made some waterfall gravs, which none of us had ever used, gave some shitty instructions on how to use it, and said, "so just pick a random floor and go into the bathroom and hit that, flush the cap and head back up". I'm usually a really careful smoker so I was sketched as fuck. And when I asked what if an RA is around, what should i do if he sees me with the bottle and shit? And all they told me was "don't let one see you." And then they sent me off. It was sketchy as hell. After hitting the thing I went to go back to the elevator and I heard doors opening and freaked out and snuck into the elevator all silently and quick-like, and when back in my buddy's room they told me i was a fucking idiot for taking the elevator, they thought it was just implied you take the stairs back since the RAs are always in the elevators.

    Anyway, it was a good night, just pretty strange.

  19. holy crap man wahts up with the caps? :smoke:
  20. My most sketched out moment? Hmm...

    So, the regulars(group of 4 people im always smoking with) and i are chilling in one of their garages... one says more people are coming... we go "cool!" lol like 4 people show up, all of which i knew from when i was in school.... 2 chicks, as we were all completely burnt out, one of the chicks stood up, then seized up, fell, hit her head... lol

    Tripped us all out.

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