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what is the sketchiest mission you've been on?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Koopa, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. tell some stories of some sketchy situations you've been in to pick up weed

    i have been to a random town, and have 2 cars loaded with black people roll up with shotguns to sell weed to this kid, who was then selling it to me it was sooo good best ive ever had

    also ive been to this guys aparmtnet where he left me in there alone, while he left to get the ounce, and there were guns hanging over the door
  2. lol i went to my friends dealer's house (about 3 years ago) and it was in a shitty trailer park in an even shittier trailer. there was no door (there was a small gate), most of the windows were busted out... and he had us wait alone there (me and my friend) for almost an hour. he gave each of us a white owl blunt before he left so we were cool wid waitin i guess lol. that and he had some good music in the background that we couldnt figure out how to change or turn it up or down. lol
  3. i got one this one time me and my friend went to get bud from this dude and we waited in the car forever like hour and a half but i got out of the car dont worry but we got and the bud it was good bud but way to much work for me
  4. haha this wasnt even a deal, but i was smokin with my friend who was in my town for a few days, so i went over to his house cuz he said he rolled a few joints and wanted to share em with me. so i went over, i had to sneak in his back door, then we had to sneak back out all because his dad was home and he wasnt supposed to go out. but after that, we snuck into a HUGE house on his street that didnt have anyone living in it yet, and blazed a few joints/bowls in the basement. we even turned the power on and shit, but i was so sketched out. oh well, we never got caught and it was awesome smoking in a huge house's basement
  5. My friend C and R and I went to R's Dealers house,he in vites us in, and sold uss the shit, we invite him to come smoke wiht us, and we go to a parking lot smoke, then go back to his house and he invites us in. so where sittin in his room smoking like 10 more roaches, so then my friend R was sittin on his couch sits on something funny and realizes its a gun, and picked it up scaryest moment of my life lol, but it was just one of thoughs gas airsoft ones, we al lhad a good laugh after that
  6. oh and once i smoked in DYS lockup...only 2 hits though./..way back in the day..
  7. One time a friend and I went to meet up with this dude. While the dude was waiting for his supplier to come (because he didnt have enough on him) another guy walked up to us pointed a gun at the dealer and said "Don't you owe me some money?" We ran as fast as we could to the car and jetted quickly out of there.
  8. sketchiest, would be going through the grange park and having to talk to 6-7 punks in their 20s and they ripped us off with some kitchen herbs.. we lost $35.. fuck

    another, i was mad desperate for bud on 420 but none of my connections had anything, everyone was mad dry for some reason.. i approached some kids and they brought me to this stairway that lead down to a parking lot.. 2 of them go down and they have this fatt fucker guard make sure i don't go down.. they come back up and they rip me off kitchen herbs again.. $10 in the hole.. motherfuckers.. i went looking for them for a few days with a heavy orb in a sock in my pocket but couldn't find them after that..

    one friend (the one i split the $35 rip-off from) has been ripped a few times cuz he'd give a dealer $20 and they say they have to go pick it up but they just run off with the cash..

    another friend, shagra, once told me that his other friend went downtown to pick up some weed from these former friends that owed him, and they showed up with swords, bats, and shit

    let this be a lesson.. no matter how desperate you are, only buy from friends with good reputation..
  9. i was going to this dealer's place that i had never been to b4 that my friend told me had some fire ass shit. well, i get there, and they guy tell me that he wont give me my money back or my herb unless i took him and 2 pounds of weed, 20 sheets of acid, and like.. 4 bags of those stamped pills... me being the paranoid ass that i am said fuck that and just left my 50 buck with the guy.. cause there is no way that i was going to be transporting that fucking much shit... lol... but.. that was some sketchyy ass shiet...
  10. 3 white guys in the ghetto... myself with a Confederate flag belt, my friend with his Confederate flag hat, and finally the driver, with his Pantera shirt - that had a Confederate flag on it. Scary fuckin' shit man.
  11. I would have gotten him in the car - knocked his ass out and took his shit. ^_^ I mean, if he had never met you before - fuck - go for it.
  12. Iv been to this one red neck guy kurt's little hut out in the middle of he woods to get weed. He had a bunch guns and hunting knives. I got high with him and we went out and shot at stuff in the woods. It was really trippy to blow the bark off a tree with a shot gun while somking a blunt at the sametime. It was probly the most fun Iv ever had high.
  13. I've never had sketch deals, usually takes 15 minutes. But as long as we are speaking bout sketch, my friend used to live in this rich snobby neighborhood, and he knew that the dude that owned most of the fairs rides had a house unoccupied near his, so we snuck in, there was alcohol up the wazoo a shit load of promo shit. We got drunk and got a free shirt out of the deal hahaha.
  14. have a few, but my favorite is something that happened to my friend...

    he was staying with us for a few days, and had about a 1/2 oz or so with him so he could sell it and get some $$ to get back to AZ. one night he split with some friends and then at like 2am we get a call from him, he's over at walmart WAAAAY on the other side of town, and he's stranded.

    so i get up and go get him, he said he was trying to sell in the parking lot and showed someone the bag..bad move they were sitting in a car at the time, and the guy took it and took off. then the friends took off after him, leaving my friend standing there all WTF?? well i guess he was still there an hour later, and that's when he called us. never did figure out what happened, but we ended up having to give him the $$ to go home on.
  15. having my dealer weigh out a sac for me in the parking lot 100 feet away from a police station in plain sight
  16. aight, well back in the day when i did some heroin every now and then i drove my one dealer down to east liberty (which is some serious ghetto territory, u get pulled over for bein white cuz cops know no white kid is dumb enough to jus roll through there unless they're gettin drugs) and this kid agreed to give me a cut of some mids and shoot me up (only time i did it) for drivin him down there, then on the way back while i'm smokin a blunt the dude tells me to go to mcdonalds n get a cup of water for him, so i go through there n hook him up, then dude pulls out a spoon n cooks the shit up n starts tryin to find a vein n he couldnt get a good vein like 4 times so he had to prick himself n wiggle the needle all around to find one then he shotup n got all super fucked up... crazy shit haha

    i think thats about as sketchy as weed missions get there haha
  17. Wiggle around in your flesh for a vein? >.<
  18. Now that's just dumb.
  19. Well this really isnt a deal with me, but i was with my friend and my dealer in my dealers car (we were hanging out and were gonna smoke later). My dealer was dealing at this gas station and he had already made a deal and was waiting for more ppl (he knew they were comin). Then this white guy, who looks strong as hell with a ripped shirt and jeans comes up to my friends window and leans on it and I lock my door. He starts talking about something and my dealer was like "I dont know you, you aint got no right leanin on my car like that", so the guy backs off and asks if he can get $100 or something because his car was impounded. My dealer said he couldnt help him out. This wasnt very scary or anything, just a little wierd, ive never been in a scary deal.
  20. dealing with a one-legged pirate.

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