What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

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  1. this goes with what was the creepiest thing that has ever happened to u but since that has many comments and stories i felt i should start another fresh so u dont have to go through 100pgs:eek:
  2. some people like going through the pages and reading the stories
  3. Subbed, I'll be back
  4. When I thought I was dying on an unmentionable. I was literally begging God to make it stop
  5. getting hit by a drunk driver head on while in the backseat, all three of us were high fresh off a blunt and we get hit by this hoosier red neck in a red truck with empty beer bottles in his back seat

    what do you know it wasnt his first one either..
  6. many things ghost related, but one of the scariest would have to be when I was laying awake in bed and I turned around and I saw a human figure standing beside the bed. I thought it was a real person but then it literally lunged at me like it was going to strangle me. needless to say I flipped shit, started flailing around screaming etc because I thought I was being attacked by a person. I definitely didn't hallucinate that shit and it wasn't a real person because the doors were locked and nobody was there. in this same room (my boyfriends room) I've seen a bright robed human figure standing in front of the bed (a few days after I was "attacked". I saw it, got terrified, calmed down and went back to bed and then heard laughter), been touched, and heard freaky shit. in my own house, I was walking into my kitchen once and all of a sudden I was hit by this cold as fuck air out of nowhere. all the windows and storm windows were closed, there was no draft, no ac, and it was late spring/summer. I felt the cold air and then a strange and just indescribable sensation inside my body. I was horrified.

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