What is the scariest movie

Discussion in 'Movies' started by x5Marijuana5612, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. i'm looking to get fucked up and watch a really scary movie no bullshit movie like saw i want something that will make me freak out
  2. I'd say the original Alien movies were pretty good.
  3. Watch the origional Amityville horror.

    Or the Omen.

    Both scary as hell....
  4. i agree about the amityville horror movie that one scared the shit outta me, but the exorcism is pretty freaky too. otherwise the original freddy kruger movies are the shit (nightmare on elm)
  5. Fire in the sky. The movie still gives me chills
  6. the 4th kind. shit is ILLLLL
  7. i didnt find the last exorist to be scary in the least bit, but 1408 could be really freaky while high. also mirrors! we went to see it in theaters completely blazed and it scared the shit outta us
  8. the original ring i think its called ringu its japanese or some shit but its scary. and the original grudge idk what its called just look it up
  9. hahaha, i got really baked and watched rec 2 last night in full spanish no subtitles, oh yeah i forgot to mention i don't know spanish so i didn't understand anything i thought it was nice that i could add my own story line :smoke:
  10. Go for Dead Silence. You'll shit bricks, bro.
  11. the exorcism of emily rose.
    or the fourth kind.
  12. Reqium for a Dream... especially if you have had exp. with addiction.
  13. case 39
    spit on your grave...
    Really too good movies must watch... I love to see action or scary movies...really enjoyed..
  14. i'm a big fan of horror movies, but the only one which has ever actually scared me is Drag me to Hell, not sure if its everyones taste bt i just thought the old lady was scary as shit. alot of horror movies i just find funny, especially old school ones.
  15. I've watched this movie 3 times and fell asleep through out the movie all 3 times :confused:

    I also watched case 39 last night it was pretty intense
  16. I turned on the movie half way through on a tv channel and i remember this old woman in a casket then she started puking it was intense i had to close my eyes i was fuckin trippin haha
  17. I still think Silence of the lambs is pretty scary and 28 days later. :wave:
  18. Amity ville is a good one.

    Fourth Kind while high was not fun for me. messed up my goodnight smoke for a while. baked under my covers trying not to think about aliens coming through my window.lol

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