what is the purpose of flowers

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  1. Sunflowers fall into the category of serving a symbolic and utilitarian purpose. People only need be reminded of sunflower seeds or sunflower oil to realize sunflowers are used for food items across the globe. The large, bold flower is also a symbol of warmth and happiness. The flower's wide-open face is a symbol of the sun, glory and eternity. In addition to foodstuff, Native Americans used sunflower seeds to adorn gravesites, and natives of the Inca Empire used to worship the plant.

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  3. Hear all are things are really nice and fantastic which can you shear about it. I love flowers It is really colourful It is really impotent part of my life. Flowers of purpose is beautiful life, and colourful.. I love red rose It is really great and fantastic and lotes is also nice It is international flower.
  4. The purpose of a flower is to house, nourish, and protect the developing seed while also aiding it in its dispersal away from the mother plant. Dispersal is usually achieved through the formation of nutritious and rewarding fruit that provide both a reward to the animal that eats the fruit, as well as insuring the seed will be provided with a nice amount of natural fertilizer.
  5. Flowers are for smoking. :smoke:
  6. That doesn't even scratch the surface of what flowers purpose are. :)
  7. They're for stopping wars, man.
  8. Flowers, in a biological sense, exist as sexual organs of a plant, and to attract pollinations insects.

    In terms of human usage, they are colourful, smell nice and look cool.

    As for putting them on graves, I think they serve the purpose of a Memento mori of sorts. You place them on the grave of a dead guy... the flowers themselves then die... reminds you that you will die too.

    IDK why people would enjoy that though :confused:
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  14. The main purpose is to help the flowers reproduce. Cluster of highly specialized leaves produced a significant effect on the world around them, which is far beyond the intrinsic aesthetic value, usually attributed to them. Humans and other animals depend on flowering plants, their main food source.
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  17. The most important part of the flower's function is reproduction. Reproduction takes place entirely in the flower of the plant, after which the seeds are spread and more flowers grow.I think the colorful showy flowers that some plants have are products of co-evolution with insects and other organisms that disperse the pollen making reproduction more easily accomplished.
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