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What Is the purpose of blackpeoplemeet.com?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by billsxclinton, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. I want your honest-to-God opinion of this site. What is it's purpose and motives?

  2. Black women tryin to win black guys from white girls....
  3. The purpose of it is in the title of the website? Black people meet there.
  4. Or the other way around black guys trying to find white girls lol because if a white girl is on there then you know she likes the black dick lol.

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  5. I think it explains itself...really...
    It does.
  7. Lol that could be a possibility. I think its fucked up though because they're segregating blacks from whites. That's racist.
    I think the better question is, are they?
  9. And then there is christian mingle, which to me seems rather arrogant, yes god has a plan to find love for you. 
  10. this is the black mans way of saying fuck you whities I dare you to try and make a site like this
    jk but seriously this would be the absolute center of controversy if there was a white people meet site
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    Some of you guys are saying its self explanatory bit really its not. Let's talk about "whitepeoplemeet.com" then.
  12. Not sure if there is such a thing, if there is I've never heard of it.
    The purpose is for dating.   My honest-to-God opinion?   Why do you care?  If you don't want to date black people then don't sign up.  I think the bigger question is, what is the purpose and motives of Storm Front?  
  14. Money is the motive.
    Focus on a group to sell to $$$$$$$$
    marketing 101
  15. Lol I see OPs point.
    I also see your poon
  16. I don't think the site is segregating black people, the people on the site are segregating themselves. So in my opinion I think the people on those types of sites are the racist sort of, they don't want to be in a interracial relationship. They want to keep it in the same race for whatever reason.
  17. I wish someone would make a whitepeoplemeet.com and see how many people would call it racist (you know they would). Just like if there was a channel called White Entertainment Television, lots of people would freak out and demand it be taken off the air. Hypocrisy alert!

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  18. Anybody ever used this site?
  19. better question, how is this not racially discriminating to to white/asian/mexican people
    and a follow up question, would it be considered racially discriminating if there where a white people meet.com?
  20. im sure if you think about it theres more than just black people on that website. Theres some spanish girls who like that black dick and some asians too. And vice versa. Theres some white guys or mexican guys who only date black girls. 

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