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  1. I'm growing up with Coco.I'm using the Lucas formula.(1/4) I water every day.Why are my seedlings in this color?Ph 5.8 Ec 0.6

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  2. Are they all like that?
  3. I think I'il stop watering every day.

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  4. Why did you start in such a large pot?
    They look like they need more food.
    www.cocoforcannabis.com is a good place to learn the proper way to grow in coco.
    Good luck.
  5. I feed them once every 24 hours.In my other growths, my seedlings were dark green.It's light green and every day feeding me creeps.
  6. Did you pre-charge your coco?
  7. yes all micro elements are present. I bought pre-charged coco.

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