What is the point of initial low concentration of nutes in EZCloners?

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  1. This is a question for those that root clones in EZcloner - If you do, what is the point of using low nutrient solutions in your cloner before root formation?

    I’ve been working with some growers recently that have told me that they as a part of their cloning process they add in products like RapidStart, KLN, or liquid CloneX nutrients right into the res with freshly cut clones. When I sit down to calculate the ppm of these nutrients it’s <90ppm which is hella low. I can’t imagine that people are trying to feed the clones because they’ve got no roots. I would ask said growers but I really can’t as a part of my consulting work.

    The only reason I can imagine that people would add nutes is for osmotic pressure, and so that the new roots have something to ‘chew on’ when they form. I imagine once you got a lot of roots you then step it up to a real nutrient solution at 400ppm
  2. zero nutrients until some roots are formed . And after some roots if you see the plant getting hungry what i do is 25 % strength of normal veg . Hope this helps . Im not doing ppm reason my plain tap water is like 400
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  3. Just a bit of root hormone powder (if anything) and then plain water until I see roots and the clones look a bit hungry. No idea why you would use nutes before rooting, although I have seen all kinds of growers do all kinds of strange crap that makes no sense to me.
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  4. Yes very helpful! makes sense to wait for root to me and to use a lower strength Veg formulation. One person I talked to a bit said that he uses his veg nutes at 25% as well and he believes that the introduction of nutrients at the early stage would help with reducing nutrient shock going into pots.
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