What is the perfect water level?

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  1. So I lost my last few clones due to having my water level way too high in my DWC setup.

    I got new clones , these ones are in rockwool starter cubes. i set them about level with the top of the net pot, over a layer of hydroton, then buried around them. my pots are now sitting probably 3/4-1 inch deep in the nute solution.

    where SHOULD the water level be?
    I had it just at the bottom of the net pots yesterday but when i checked on them this morning, i was afraid my clay was to dry. i know the roots will start searching for water, but im afraid of the plants being too dry, and too wet.
  2. With any starter cubes sitting on top of hydroton, I would flood just to a little above the BOTTOM of the cube. The cube will wick up water and stay pretty wet so you don't want the level to rise high enough to soak the whole cube. This is how I did it and it's working well so far. A few of the plants weren't quite low enough so I hand watered them from the top for a few days until the roots grew out into the hydroton but they are all healthy and drinking well. I've heard 2/3 up the pot is a rule of thumb, but knowing how the medium behaves is the real key.
  3. This is crazy info. You want the water level to be just under your net pot to start. Top feed until the roots hit the water, then drop the water level an inch.
  4. This is correct. You DON'T want the rockwool soaking in water. The mist from the bubbles will wet the pellets and they carry it to the cube. Top feed with water from the res 2 times a day
  5. If ur in dwc no matter what stage your water levels should be half the bucket you want your roots too search down for food your water is far too high humidity in bucket will feed roods cut your water down
  6. Wow! so seriously just halfway up the bucket? that leaves a good 4 inches from the water level to the net pot, thats ideal? I have heard to do it just a bit shy of the bottom of the netpot... but that low seems interesting. are nutes capable of evaporating with the water or does the root just search the res and then find food?

  7. this is all personal prefference. If you only fill half way up (granted I only go an inch or 3 passed halfway up so im splitting cunt hairs. I just think you would be filling your res a lot more often the lower your level is, that's just my opinion. There really is no wrong way, it's what works for you and you feel confortable doing. i do agree though that you want them to search for food, his whole post really beside how high he fills his bucket, but thats his choice :wave:

  8. like dude mentioned, your bubbles splashing creates almost a mist for your root then when the root actually hits the water its game on. if your doing multiple buckets i would try different things to find the right way for yourself.
  9. Not crazy at all if you're doing Ebb & Flow like I am. Somehow I must have overlooked the DWC part, my bad.
  10. You definitely want some space between bottom of pot and water when the root mass starts really growing, they will love that oxygen and the bubbles will mist whatever roots are above the water creating a nice oxygen rich bucket. In my last week of veg m water is about 2,5" below the pot
  11. Whats crazy u want your roots to search downwards the only way of doing it is use half a bucket ur air stones will make water splash on roots ur talking too sum 1 who does this system every time i know what im ona bout mate check my threads out n look at pics ive put on n tell me im crazy then when im hitting 12oz a plant obviously im right ur plants will grow twice as quick with half a bucket trust me check my pics n threads out
  12. That is a more accurate statement. Ebb and flow you want it flooded, although I know 0 about flood and drain it seems interesting though for veggies!
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    I wasn't doubting you bro or saying you we're wrong just stating that its all about personal preference an what works per individual. I do plan to try this with one of my buckets for this grow though.
  14. Try it bro it will be the best one you do you will wish u done it too all of em lol
  15. Lol thanks man, any other crazy secrets your holdin out on?? I'd love to try new things In my hydro setup still looking for the "perfect" rig, know what I mean
  16. Right, and I've done nothing but Ebb & Flow so that's where my mind always goes. The idea there is to flood everything and get it nice and wet, then let it all drain out and let the oxygen get to the roots. Some folks don't even put airstones (I do) in their reservior because the roots are exposed to oxygen pretty much 24/7 except when they're being flooded. I like it and it works for me - there's only one reservior to worry - everything is very simple, inexpensive, efficient...
  17. My friend offered me some trays, I may give them a go, like I said I know zip about ebb so we'll see what happens in the future. Like I said though I would probably only use them for veggies. How big of a res do you keep and how big are your trays?

    Sorry op not trying to take your thread off track.
  18. It's what a few of my friends use (pro growers) and how I've learned so I'm sure that's part of the appeal for me, but I mostly like that it's very low cost and low maintenance to maintain. Once you have your tables setup, you just add clones and nutes, grow, rinse and repeat. You go through a lot of water though - I use a 37 gal reservoir with a 4x4 table - top off about every other day and replace the reservoir weekly. I'm actually interested in building e&f buckets to use less water but haven't decided if I want the added complexity. It would, however, give me another 2 feet of vertical grow space, so that advantage alone might be worth it. There are more details here in my grow thread if you're interested: http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/1150289-high-level-tips-hydro.html

    Hyjack avoided. ;-)

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