What is the opposite of fear?

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  1. I had to star this in a new thread cuz new subject and all still drunk too.

    So what is it then, opposite of fear. Is there an opposite of fear if there isnt does fear really exist.

    The opposite of fear is.......
  2. .... loathing?

    I'm gonna go with confidence...
  3. how about stupidity...........
  4. id say knowledge
  5. How about Wisdom?
  6. The opposite of fear... lack of fear? I don't think anyone would be able to put their finger down on any one thing n say "Alright this here would be the polar opposite of fear." It really don't seem to be the type of thing that would even have an opposite, other that the absence of it.

  7. so then if that is true fear would not really exist. I cant put my finger on it either except for no fear.

    the opposite of fear is no fear.
  8. can you see where Im getting at cuz I cant Im starting to think that fear doesnt really exist.
  9. fear keeps us alive.

    we don't jump off a 30 story building because we fear hitting the pavement.

    you don't step into busy traffic because you fear getting hit.

    to just rush into situations is foolish as well as fearless
  10. fear does exsist. we can strive for fear...the adrenaline that we get from it. fear is that huge wave break that could just break your face, but you gotta get out and paddle. fear is the notion that your chute is packed, but you cant predict the future as you jump out the plane..
  11. Fearless....

    Some one who has no fear!!!!!
  12. rearrange the letters and you get reaf. i like to reaf. im definately not afraid to reaf. so reafing is the opposite of fear :D
  13. embracement..

  14. l,ve been scared many times and not run away. :D

  15. roflmao,,,,,,,,nah he was just more scared than me and ran away ,lol.:D
  16. Bud Head you got it spot on there it is fearless.

    I never thought of that. Well there you go the opposite of fear is fearless no fear so it is decided yes.
  17. well it must be cuz im in my no fear shorts today.
  18. We have nothing to fear, but... well, you know the rest.
  19. "so then if that is true fear would not really exist. I cant put my finger on it either except for no fear.

    the opposite of fear is no fear."

    something doesn't gotta have an opposite to exist man, things can just exist.
  20. If we consider that fear is an emotion, albeit one that was designed to promote a level of protection (via the fight or flight theory) then we can also assume that the opposite of emotion is no emotion. The closest I can descrfibe to no emotion is apathy.

    Someone with high levels of apathy simply doesn't care about being hurt or injured (mentally or physically) so the emotion of fear is negated.

    Could be wrong though.... What do you think?

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