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What is the norm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IloveDominos, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Ok I've been in two separate situations...

    When I started smoking several years ago I would buy and head out...
    Then I started buying from my current main dealer (been buying from him for about 2 years now) whenever I buy from him, he always smokes me up with a bowl of whatever I just bought. I've bought from several other people who practice this same standard.

    I bought an 8th of AK-47 a few nights ago, the dealer asked if we had time for a bowl, my girl and I replied sure. He then hit his bong, cleared the ash from the bowl and waited for a minute. He looked at me and then started packing a bowl from his stash... as if I was supposed to offer up the bowl or match him or something? I've never matched a dealer after I just bought from them, is this done in certain areas?
  2. DEFINITELY MATCH YOUR DEALER! Even if it's just a bowl, do it. It's not like you can't afford to pack a .2g bowl after buying an eighth. He's going through the trouble of selling and risk getting caught, the least you can do is match a bowlpack.
  3. dude get ur shit and get the fuck out
  4. Oh yeah, if he's not packing a bowl, get the fuck out. But if he packs one, it's kind of rude to not pack one too. But after that pack, chuck dueces.
  5. depends on the dealer. But usually I prefer to pickup and jet. They are not my fucking friend.. they are my drug dealer. there is only one reason I know him, Pot. If I didnt smoke, I wouldnt know who the fuck he is.
  6. If he is is always packing bowls, it is common courtesy to match.
  7. I do every now and again. It's just common courtesy
  8. i love blazin with my dealers as long as i got time and not tryin to save the sac for a long time. i dont get ppl not wantin to be friends with dealers, like in pineapple express at first he just hates bein around his dealer.
  9. Exactly, I feel the same way. I love smoking a bowl with any one of my dealers, and they're all really cool people. Plus a good relationship can mean some good discounts, or they may offer to sell you some fire that they wouldn't give to customers they don't know that well. :)

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