what is the neastest thing you found that your phone can do?

Discussion in 'General' started by untamedlion33, May 5, 2011.

  1. i have a epic 4g and i love the amazon bar code finder. i scan random crap all the time to see if i it can find it, lol.
  2. lol i didnt know about this until recently but any phone with a camera can do it

    so all you gotta do is point your remote towards you and press the buttons on it while u look through your camera

    sounds pretty lame and theres def cooler shit on my phone but i thought it was pretty cool when i first tried it
  3. It can be used as flash light.

    Especially useful in finding my lighter when I'm driving at night.
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    It allows me to take pictures of my dick inside my girl. Pretty neat... :rolleyes: I tried the bar code thing on her twat and it told me I could get a cheaper less bitchy one online...

    Oh you meant neatest not nastiest.
  5. I can watch HD porn
  6. lol how, my phone dosnt let me.:eek:
  7. It lets me make phone calls.
  8. Emulate Nes Snes and psx games boredom be gone.
  9. Word, love the flash light app. My old phone, the original Samsung Vibrant, didn't have a flash on the camera so I couldn't use that app for the longest time until I broke that phone and got a mytouch 4g lol (not on purpose).

    Yea, you could but then you have to like subscribe to youporn or get their paid app or something haha. regular site is nice if you're in a tight spot and need some jack material in like a hotel or camping though.

    this. almost failed finals last semester because i was addicted to gameboy gaming on my phone (pokemon, fire emblem, advance wars are the best).
  10. The manual for my phone was thicker then the phone itself. With all the bells and whistles and god knows what else......

    I am truly amazed at the feature "that I can make phone calls"
  11. GPS and Navigation, Also Pandora is prolly my most used app, fuckin love that app.
  12. Alarm clock, seriously this shit is so useful and it's always around you man.
  13. It makes a good paper weight
  14. yeah, I just picked up a GBC emulator with pokemon blue/crystal/all the good shit and it rocks, for some reason playing handheld games on the computer just doesn't feel right to me
  15. ikr i love pokemon. lol, im 23. what ever happened to that fad

  16. I'm pretty sure Pokemon is making a huge come back right now
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    Not into it but ya it def is. People older than me in my class at the uni are talking about it, and I'm 23.

    But my phone is everything man. It even allows me to check out GC forums with their tight app.
  18. I have like 150 apps. What CANT my phone do is more like it. Android/sprint ftw. I used to have the epic, switched to evo. I miss the screen though.
  19. lol thats funny i use to have the evo but switched to the epic. i just like having the keyboard and slightly more rounded edges. sometimes the touchscreen slows up on all touch screen phones. even my iphone had some issues like that, lol.
  20. I can "jump start" my car with mine


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