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What is the nastiest thing you drank when you needed to hide your cottonmouth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rbr, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I started this thread because I have had to literally put my fingers in a puddle in the road, and press them on my tongue because of my bad cottonmouth. Not pleasant. I had to hide the fact that I was high 'cause my mom's friend was picking me up, (I was a minor.) Anyway, I was wondering if there were any similar plights among the blades

  2. Holy shit.:hello: Ive never struggled with my cotton mouth, but your story is something else...
  3. Yea it sucked ass to say the least....
  4. I had to drink tap water!! D=
  5. i drank soy milk and launched it out of my mouth because it tasted so shitty
  6. Cops pulled me over and out of panic I sprayed some deodorant in my mouth. Not a good idea, tastes really disgusting. At least I got away with no problems/fines.

    What can I say... I was fucking high.
  7. Bro wtf is your damage? Fingering a filthy puddle to dap it upon your tongue?

  8. Why would you need to "hide" cottonmouth? It isn't like super red eyes or other tell-tale signs... a dry mouth isn't something someone else can visually observe. What a strange concept...
  9. Umm never really had that problem. I always make sure ive got a drink with me.
  10. Yeah cottonmouth has never really been a life or death situation for me so usually I just look for a water fountain if I am in public, chew gum or find a store to buy something.
  11. water with ash and old bubbler water in it. (accident)

  12. I drink my own piss to cure it :cool: I go bear grylls on that shit
  13. Why would you do that? lol I don't get cottonmouth real bad most times. But shit, go grab an arizona for a dolla!
  14. milkshake, forgetting it hadnt been in the fridge for about 48 hours... added a bit of texture. :(
  15. Cottonmouth is always really bad for me but I stay prepared so never had to go that extreme
  16. 3 day old polar pop (fanta), it had completely lost its carbonation and was warm. Worth it.
  17. It wasn't because I had cottonmouth, but the nastiest thing I drank was 250ml of dirty bong water to get the bong for free. Mind you this was in my younger years and I was desperate for a device :p Invest in a package of gum, then just pop 1 after your toke and you're good to go.
  18. I wasn't trying to cure my cottonmouth, but while stoned on my deck one day I without thinking reached for a can of Coke and took a sip, forgetting it had been sitting there for weeks and was now 20% Coke, 80% rainwater, with a few cigarette butts floating around.

    Still, did cure my cottonmouth...
  19. I've heard of cops pointing out cottonmouth before, but only after literally opening a suspect's mouth and pointing a flashlight in it.

    Is it really that noticeable otherwise? Normally it's just a bother to me so I go and drink some water.

    By the way, cottonmouth is caused (to my knowledge) by the odd desire to only breathe through one's mouth whilst stoned. Thus, my way of "curing" it is to pay attention to this, shut my mouth, and breathe through my nose for a little bit. Natural salivation kicks in, and it seems to do the job just fine.

  20. I've once had cottonmouth so bad that I had trouble speaking.. literally 100% no saliva, it sucked balls.. dry balls too.

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