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What is the most youve ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Steven_420, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Share with us - how far have you ventured into outer space? We've all had those times when we were just flat out too high, when we sit down and say to ourselves "damn, what did I get myself into?" This is your opportunity to tell everyone about the most far out moments of your life.

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    I have never been to the point of "damn what did I get myself into?" While on weed. Only shrooms have that power over me haha
  3. Me and three friends smoked an ounce in one night, was one of a few times where I barley remember what happened. That's the Most I've smoked in one night
  4. An dealer said if we could smoke it in one night it was believe we smoked every last bit lol
  5. I'm not sure if this is the most or not but during the summer me and my friends bought a Qp and we smoked almost half of it in one day. Needless to say I have little to no memory of it.
  6. 21 grams in under 24 hrs lol
  7. 3 grams in a cross joint with one friend
  8. Yeah never off bud but on something else yes
  9. this doesnt count really but an oz of very very shit weed that wasnt ready to harvest right and dried using an envelope and a heater it was terrible haha. exept from that maybe like 5g or maybe a bit more
  10. 7 blunts one sitting with 5 people In the circle shit was so dope and we also got a eviction notice due to it being student housing
  11. I have when i was 13 took a bong load and laid there with the shakes for hours i was fricon ripped i swore id never smoke again and now age 40 still smoking lol
  12. I smoked a half ounce in one night rolled like 4 blunts and used the good ole bong for the rest good night that was.
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    call me buzzednotlightbeers.
    To infinity and beyond mofuckas
  14. I don't even remember, just that it was alot. Like, alot, man.

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