What is the most unworldy experience you have ever had?

Discussion in 'General' started by MyBusDriverYells, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Ufo's, unusual creatures on fishing trip. Etc..

    Sent from the void.

  2. That one time I plowed your mom. What ever that was down there was definitely other worldly  
  3. There are some legitimately creepy stories over in the Real Life Stories section that, I will admit, have given me the heebie-jeebies on more than one occasion.
    I don't share the story very often, or ever, but I saw the Min Min Lights once.  :confused_2:
  4. That sucks for you. My mother is really fat.

    And really? That is very interesting. I have seen some creepy threads there too..

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  5. Show your mother some damn respect. She's plump, not fat. 
  6. I seen someone die in fronta me for a few minutes before.
  7. Fishing Trip..... ya that's it.
  8. Watching some stars from my telescope, look up and I see this streak going across the sky... Then it does a 90• turn without losing speed.

    Fuck that, I went inside after that, I'm not payed enough to get my ass abducted and probed

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  9. Laying in bed when I was 14. I hear someone say "It'll be alright." Nobody else was awake. TV was off, door closed no one outside my window.... The bitch lied to me.
  10. I've been on quite a few fishing trips with some fun guys I know  :hippie:
  11. ive had several
    one time when i was younger,  maybe 16 i walked into my cousin chill out room, my sister and brother were sitting on the side of the room with my 2 cousins, like the seats were all up against the wall, and when i walked in, for some reason i noticed a pack of matches in the middle of the room, i didnt pick it up, and i took at seat, so there we were all 5, all sitting on chairs up against the wall with the matches in the middle. both doors were closed and there was no wind, when all of the sudden the matches on the floor, flew up from the ground and hit my sister, almost like someone chucked it at her
    we were all like wtf? how did that happen, there is no wind here, and nobody besides us?
  12. I love fishing trips. Might go on one tonight
  13. I was smoking in my garden with my girl late at night, and we saw these three red lights in the sky, shaped like a triangle. It was hovering near my house, staying in formation as it moved real slow. I heard no noise from it, and after a while it disappeared behind a small cloud and we didn't see it again. What's even stranger is I searched "Triangle lights in sky" on Google and it came up with loads of results of UFO's people have seen, and pictures of the exact same three red lights. 
  14. I was laying on my bed reading a book about quitting smoking. (cigarettes).
    I had lost 3 relatives to cancer already so it was beginning to sink in that I was a high risk candidate for cancer.
    As im reading, a thought crosses my mind and I stare off into nothing just thinking......
    Will I really get cancer? Does 1 more really choose my fate?
    So I decide to get up and take a smoke break.
    As I go to grab my pack I feel this cold breeze (no open windows or fans around)
    my smokes go flying off the table!
    I start to make excuses of how that could have happened because I really want a smoke at that time.
    So I grab my smokes, take one out & put it in my mouth.
    As im grabbing my lighter out of my pocket I feel that very cold breeze again and my cigarette forcefully flies out of my mouth, almost as if someone had flicked it out.
    Needless to say, I was freaked the F out.... while I smoked. SMDH!
  15. i live by myself but i think my place is haunted. whenever i leave the house to go to the store and leave my lights on, ill come back and my lights will be off.
    i have a lot of mirrors in my house and i often see shit like shadows moving. other day i was taking a picture of myself in living room and i saw a black shape fly by kitchen window i swear to bob. coulda been a crow though...
    and a few months ago i was smoking in my basement before work. staring at myself in the mirror as i smoked. and a hooded figure like outlined behind me and then went away, was so fucking freaky.
    and once when i was like 10 i woke up to pink slime like dripping out of the ceiling. it hit me on the face and i just remember it glowing and oozing through the cracks. but when  i turned on the light it was gone and there was nothing on my face.
    i belive in supernatural shit but i dont let is phase me. i think if there is a god i am probably going to hell. but i doubt supernatural beings are here to like hurt us. they woulda already fucked me up cuz i talk shit to them constantly.
  16. My house was haunted as a child.

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