What is the most psychedelic strain?

Discussion in 'General' started by FluffyBud, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever smoke a certain strain that seems to be extra trippy?

    I'm visiting San Fran in 2 weeks and i'm trying to get as much info. on good strains and hashes i should try while im out there.
  2. psychedelic strain? There is no such strain that is "psychedelic". Bud is a hallucination, but no strain is strong enough to be considered a psychedelic.
  3. If you find some midnight kush your in luck but just buy the strongest one and smoke like a champ and try not to pass out you might even see god lol
  4. i know there are strains that produce a very cerebreal high, i guess thats what im asking? obviously i know these things dont make you trip lol
  5. it's more psychedelic when you eat it. look up how to make firecrackers.
  6. I think the term your looking for TS is "Euphoric".
  7. Umm... Salvia. :D

    Try that when you get here, they're sold at some head shops.
  8. No, cannabis is a psychedelic.

    Smoked, eaten, or otherwise.
  9. [quote name='"OpenMindFields"']No, cannabis is a psychedelic.

    Smoked, eaten, or otherwise.[/quote]

    It's a very light hallucinogin though I think that's wat he is looking for

  10. It is a psychedelic, if anything just because it's not a dissociative or deleriant and there's no other classification of hallucinogen.
  11. definitely try a sativa or hybrid...the indica strains have too much CBD and not enough THC
  12. sativa . . . . . . also maybe try the mango thing, although i think that cud be just placebo.

    fuk imagine looking out over this while blazed

  13. Go for the sativa dominates with high high THC

    Your not ganna trip out like on unmentionables

    But yeah try that

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