What is the most important question YOU have?

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  1. If an angel came down from the skies, and told you, that it can answer any question you have, but only 1 question, what would you ask and why?

    Mine is, why does existence/reality happens instead of not? Another way to put it: why does the Universe exist?

    What's your question?

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    Your question would also be my #1 question, but imma make another one, in order to keep this thread fresh and not redundant.

    My question: Is the thing-in-itself self-subsistent(eternal), or, is it able to be perceived, in appearance, due to the fact of it being conceived by an external force?
  3. will i always be at the tip of the iceberg? or will there come a point where everything is truly known by me
  4. Why am I one of the fallen?
  5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  6. What's the deal with fingerprints?
  7. Is that a cop, or just an old crown vic?
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  8. Was this meant to be, or are things the way they are because they turned out that way?
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    oo ^^ thats a good one
    is it what i do that matters, or how i do it?

    edit:meh, mines obvious

  10. Its a cop in a old crown vic.
  11. Who am I..really?
  12. why am i here? not just human beings but me personally?
  13. Or, what do people in China call their good plates?
  14. I'd probably flip a coin and choose one of the following:
    - Why do you choose me as the one who gets to ask the question?
    - How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    I guess I'm not big on charity.

    Are the wings for show, or do you actually use those for flying?
    What's that ring over your head made of?

  15. Because the angel secretly wants to rape you.He didn't come from Hell all the way for nothing, you know ;)
  16. Oh, it's that angel? Well, then. I wouldn't ask it anything. Can't trust the answer. :D
  17. can we just ask random questions instead of important ones?
    my question for the angel would be "hey angel!, if i think of someone with intent and wander around aimlessly, will i run into to them?"
  18. My question is what angel are you guys talking about??

  19. Yes, eventually, assuming you don't ever stop wandering.

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